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Monday, June 23, 2008

The Loan star of Texas!!

Me in Texas, Rance is out showing us the area, like his partners bull rink-a-dink, apartment, oil rigs, etc. it was so much fun, and hot!

Some good old country music, they are both in bands and play all over Texas.

The whole family at the reunion

An oil rig, I couldn't not put this on here, this is TEXAS! This is their livelyhood, they are everywhere. I am not exagerating, so much so that this one is on the playground of the school!

I put this here because a big part of our trip was doing geneology, we spent A LOT of our time there looking for our family in old grave yards, and we had a lot of sucess it was really fun to find people!

Rance, what a guy! And quite the charachter. He is a great cook and he took us out on a tour all over too. I grew to love this guy so much.

These are Rances Cowboy boots, I had to put this picture here because Roy gave my sister and I a big lesson all about cowboy boots and how Ostrich skin and Snake skin boots are the best because they have the holes in them to breathe etc. Just in case you ever needed to know!

The Lone star of Texas

My mom and I with her cousins daughter Susie, whom this restaurant is named after. It is quite a dive but she has this famous wall of mugs at her restaurant and we went to see her.

This was Rob and the kids sending mommy off on the plane, I think they all look a little nervous.

Me with my sister Shannon. We stayed with Connie and Roy when we first got there and here we are out their pool trying on their cowboy hats, it was a ton of fun. They were the sweetest, and kindest family, we just fell in love with all of them so fast. Such amazing people!

My mom and I trying to become brilliant with these silly games, funny thing was it reminded us of Grandpa (my moms dad) he always had these and we always played them at their house. My mom said he used to make them. I bought one and brought it home as a gift for the kids.

We also stayed with my Moms cousin Ruthie May at what we all called the Ruthie Hilton, Wow talk about clean! She is one great host. We ate so good and had such fun with her. (she is in red) Here we are with her and her mom (in blue) and Connie in back with my mom and Shannon.

Roy and Connie, this is who we stayed with when we arrived in Texas (The ones with the pool, doesn't that hat look familiar)? This is at a restaurant, my sister wanted some real Tex Mex so they took us here and I will say it was great. Cute Roy said that we couldn't leave Texas without having a Margarita though, he said he knew I didn't drink but he would never tell. I said I would love to try one that was dry (non alcoholic), so he said he would see what he could do. A few minutes later he came over with 3 one for each of us and said that now we have experienced Texas. It was really good, I miss these guys.

So my mom decided to take my sister and I to Texas back in the end of April 30th to the 4th of May for a family Reunion. What an amazing time we all had. It was so great to be with just the girls and to meet so many amazing people the I am actually related too. My sister and I only had one beef with my mom and that was that we didn't know all these great relatives so much sooner. I said that now that we have met them she can't dare keep us apart any longer. I think it should be an annual thing. I don't know if Rob will let me though (JK) He was a great sport to have all 3 kids for 4 and 1/2 days and he and the kids had such a special connection and bond while I was gone that I don't think will ever leave. And Rob has a little bit better understanding of what mommy goes through all day too. But granted he was working his normal job and doing mine too. He said that I shouldn't quit my day job he prefers his, but it was a good experience for him. I Loved so many things. I will admit I LOVE doing the mom thing but there were so many great things about being on my own and not having to worry about the kids all the time. Here were my favorite things. No Changing diapers or taking anyone to the potty, cutting up all the kids food small enough for them to eat, blowing their food that is apperantely too hot, buckling seatbelts (except my own), getting kids in and out of the car 300 times, BEDTIME!!!! (I just went to sleep when I wanted too it was great, no wining, no crying (just a little from Shannon occasionally she is still the baby of the family you know; turn on the air, turn off the air, etc (you know I'm only playing with you), tantrums, fighting (my kids never fight what am I saying ha ha), whining (oh did I say that allready), the whole church routine (getting them dressed, etc), doing the girls hair, making beds, dishes (just my own), cooking, laundry, cleaning the house, mess after mess and picking up after them, and most of all having some free time to myself. It was really nice and needed. I did miss the little buggers a ton however too, I missed tuck tucks at night, kisses, loves, cute smiling faces, playing with them, and I learned how different they sound on the phone, the mom hi I love yous, Justin's soccor game (and he got another goal too), and the funny things they say. I was happy to come back and see them. Near the end of the trip Rob called me and said "I only have one thing to say Don't DIE"! I think he missed me, and he realized that girls are emotional, babies (Megan in general) is a mommies girl, girls hair is hard to do, boys are sooo diferent than girls in lot's of ways, it's hard to figure out what to eat all the time, kids don't like to match, toddlers like to do things themselves, babies want everything now (wait is not in their vocabulary yet), patience really is a virtue (I don't know if he developed this stronger or not)? Who invented jumping hugs (mommy), only moms kisses make the ouches feel better, and oh so much more. I think I was missed by all and I had a great big warm welcome when I got home. My kids are the greatest, they made signs, banners, and colored pictures for me it was like coming home from my mission again. While in Texas we met and grew to love a lot of people. And there is nothing like Southern hopitallity and cooking. WOW! I was wowed every time I turned around. And so genuinelly friendly too it was great. And they have about the coolest accent ever. I loved hearing some of the Souuthern vocabulary like; all ya all, howdy, miss, camode, etc. I think I went home talking like them in just 5 days. Well here are just some of the many photos I could post to give everyone an idea of what we did while we were there. Mainly we visited relatives but it was great fun.


Mortensen said...

HEY! I remembered your blog! You can see my blog by clicking on my name! Very cute blog!


Allison said...

Are you kidding me? What an amazing vacation to meet new family and go alone!! I loved your description of what you didn't miss and also what you did. Also loved what your sweet hubby learned about what you do! Awesome! Oh, and you look adorable in that cowboy hat!

The Peacock Family said...

Hey Nicole & Rob! Your blog is great! Your kids are beautiful - and so grown up! It's been fun getting back in touch. Hope all is well!

--Juliann Peacock (& Jon!)