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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We're getting there!

November 2009
So it has been a lot of work but it's sure exciting at the same time. Our basement is slowly taking it's shape. Here are some of the pictures below.

Putting up the insulation. This was not fun!!! Rob and I never want to be insulation people that's for sure. We stayed up until 4 am to be ready for the sheet rockers. Yeah it's done though.

A lot of work.

The Sheetrock's delivered.

Into the basement it came.

Putting up insulation.

We have sheetrock! Here it is after they taped.

The mudding and taping! That is one messy job. Then the sanding, wow we had so much dust in the house I am still dusting and vacuuming daily weeks later. Now Rob has been hanging doors and putting up baseboards and molding. Hopefully soon we will be painting and moving kids around. I'll keep you posted though!

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