Happy Thanksgiving

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Halloween!

My Three cute kids in their halloween costumes.

Megan was a pig and she looked absolutely adorable! She even had a little cold so she kind of snorted it was perfect.

Katie was a UofU cheerleader and she was so excited. Out next door neighbor who tends the kids for us is a cheerleader and she saw this costume and said she wanted to be a cheerleader like Melia.

Justin wanted to be so many things he had a hard time deciding on just one. But when it came down to the deciding time he chose to be an indian, and he sure did look great.

Megan and mom stayed home to pass out the candy to everyone. She came to the door with me whenever the kids came, and everyone thought she was soooo cute. But eventually it was all just too much for her and she tuckered out. She looked so cute asleep in her costume I had to take this picture.

Rob and the kids coming home from trick-or-treating. They were so excited to show me what they got!

And here it is, ahh sweet success. Mom and dad checking the candy, and then of course allowing them to eat some of it before they got ready for bed. Happy Halloween!

Happy Birthday Great Grandma although she is gone now I always think of her on halloween since that was her birthday. She was a scorpio like me and I love and miss her a lot. This is one of my favorite pictures with her just after Katie was born in june (4 generations). She passed away later that year in October.


Sparverius said...

Ditto! So fun to hear from you. My blog address is www.musingsonnature.blogspot.com

Visit any time, though I don't update it very often.


Nick said...

Thanks Echo. You are awesome.