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Friday, November 16, 2007

I've been tagged

Ok, Ookie here it goes. So I have been tagged to tell 6 habits or things about myself, hopefully some of you will learn something new about me if not so sorry.
1- I love to cook, especially to try new things. (but I don't like to clean up after). We have had some good ones but some have been a disaster. If you have a great recipe, share I would love to try it.
2- I love a clean house. Clutter really drives me nuts. (only in my own house though I don't seem as bothered by this in other homes). I feel like I am always cleaning, probably because I am.
3- Bargains are my friends. If you know a great deal pass it on, me too!!!! Many people ask me how I shop and what my strategies are, many can't believe it. (I am especially good at buying food, what can I say I love it).
4- I love to ballroom dance, I am not that good but Rob is awesome. And to be honest I just love to try. If you haven't given it a shot, do, you'll love it too.
5- I love to travel, I haven't done nearly enough but I hope to be able to do a lot some day. My favorite vacation spot is DISNEYLAND!! I would go with my family every year if we could. We went while I was pregnant with Megan and it was the best family vacation I have ever had.
6- I love to play with my kids toys, I don't know if it just makes me feel like a kid again or what. Especially with my kids. Like house, barbies, trains, doing puzzles, swinging, playing in the sand, house, etc. I love to watch their imaginations at work. It is just so great. Maybe this is why I love Disneyland so much and Christmas morning, because I get to be a kid again.

Ok so there you have it. Steph, Shannon, C. Troi, Quimby, everyone at Rob's work that read my blog, & Tracy. Good luck I can't wait to see what I can learn about you.

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