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Monday, December 17, 2007

Rob's asking for it now!

December 2007
Tonight after one of our huge snowstorms (and our ward Christmas party) Rob, my brother Brandon and their friend Dax went on a midnight... well....extravaganza. They started out shoveling one another's driveways, then the neighbors driveways, that quickly turned into a snowball fight with our neighbors across the street (mom and 3 teenage daughters). Then they got this idea to build a giant snowman (or 2) on our neighbors driveway. And this photo actually doesn't do it justice. This was after the teenagers knocked the top off and threw giant snowballs at it. They said they weren't done but they saw them drive in and so they ran away before getting done. The best part was though they shoveled the driveway all the snow to build the snowman was used off the grass so it didn't look like they had any snow. After this they decided to go over to another families house and build another snowman on their roof and then color it red (they are big BYU fans) with koolaid. When they got there though they weren't quite sure how to get on the roof so they decided to do something else instead... (see pictures below).

They decided to srart by building a snowman and put it on their porch in front of the large lit up Y in the house. This was a huge snowman too. You actually can't see it in this picture since the U covers it up. Well after doing the snowman they just didn't think that was good enough so they decided to build a giant U of U on their front lawn and driveway (now again this photo doesn't do this justice, it was huge, at least twice Rob's height). They said they had so much fun and here I was at home thinking they were out shoveling walks. One of their neighbors watched them out his window and even got it on video, he said it was unbelievable and at first was wondering what in the world they were up too. But once it started to take shape he thought it was really amazing. Rob walked in past 2 am and just laughing said...you have got to drive over and see what we did. When he told me I thought ok, but when I saw it I just had to laugh and congratulate them on a job well done. GO UTES!!! It was really great. The best part was the following day and Sunday at church We had so many people saying, "why didn't you call me" and "that was so awesome, great job" etc etc. The family did knock it down and turn it into a y sadly enough. But even weeks later people are still commenting about it. They say that they are planning something to get us back so we are just waiting for it. Rob says that's ok, it was well worth it.

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RLRP said...

That is hilarious! How funny - we'll have to try that sometime, only living where we do we'll have to drive a few miles to find a Y fan.