Happy Thanksgiving

Friday, December 14, 2007


November 2007

Rob and I joined a gym (Lifetime Fitness)
in the first of October and
we have really enjoyed it. The kids have too. This is the kids swimming one day. They have a water slide but the picture didn't work out, Justin loved this. I had a picture of Megan and I also but it wouldn't post the picture rotated so I just deleted it. She loved the water and I was suprised how long she swam. Katie and Justin are also little fishes. As you can see they loved the water and have been begging us to go back. Katie kept walking out too deep and would start to float on her back she DID NOT like that. Other than that she enjoyed it. We are hoping to go again tomorrow now that our 4 weeks of sickness are over. We had a flu that went from one to the next in our house for over 4 weeks straight and it was awful. I am glad to be away with it now. I missed working out and I was glad to get back to my kickboxing and other clasees this week.

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