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Friday, July 18, 2008

The Alpine Slide!

Nicole with Katie
Rob with Justin
Rob with Katie
Nicole and Justin on the ski lift!
Nicole with Justin

This year for one of our family vacations we went up to Nicoles parents cabin. Mainly because all of our stuff is packed in boxes. While up there we took the kids to Park City to ride the Alpine slide. They had a blast. Funny thing is Katie had no fear and wanted to go faster and faster, and Justin was more cautious and wanted to go very calm and slow. We each rode 2 times and had a great time. It took a little while to all ride since one of us always had to stay at the bottom with Megan. And the ski lift is so slow. But we all had a great time. Justin has wanted to go on the big slide down the mountain for a long time so he was happy to finally do it. It was so fun to watch the kids expressions.

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