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Friday, July 18, 2008

At the Cabin!

Rob and Katie on the Heber Valley RR. Enjoying the scenery!
Nicole and Megan on the train!
Justin thinks he is stearing the train but really this is the brake on the caboose. SHHH....what he doesn't know can't hurt him. He was having fun and that is all that mattered.
Megan waving out the train window to everything as we went by
Nicole and the kids on the Heber Valley RR

Rob and Justin went out in the canoe together to try and catch a fish. No such luck though. But they still had fun out there.

Katie trying to catch a fish with this stick on shore, she didn't get one but can't blame a girl for trying.

Rob and the kids giving their ticketts to ride the train in Heber. Rob with the kids on the train. Because it was Fathers day the next day dads got to ride free.
Rob and Megan on the train.

Nicole and the kids in the canoe. It was a beautiful day for a ride in the canoe.

Rob and Justin in canoe and Katie playing in the water... They were all fishing.
Megan only liked her life jacket to sit on and play, not to wear in the water though.
Katie and Justin on our 3 mile hike with their little sticks. They did such a great job too. They loved it. This was a hike up by Smith and Morehouse reservoir.
Rob with Megan on the hike!

Rob and Justin found a fort!

Katie swinging (get out of my backyard....you came back...her favorite thing to play on the swing).
Justin on the rope swing. Hang on!
I loved this shot of Megan peaking through the deck. She was so fun to watch because everything was so new to her. I love this stage. So curious about everything.
Rob and Justin in the canoe. The kids loved their ride in the canoe...all but Megan, she wasn't fond of her life jacket.

Sisters...and best of buddies... they played so well together up there I was so glad. We had big plans to so more hiking and stuff but it snowed the first 2 nights we were there which we didn't anticipate. So we ended spending more time in the cabin playing. They were excited to get out and play.

Katie Megan and mom, Just the girls hangin out ready for a walk!
Rob taking the kids on a nature hike to see if they could find any bad guys.
Megan loved the cabin she would get so excited to see all the chipmunks run around etc.
Nicole and Megan

There is beauty all around.... there was this amazing robbins nest and if you look closely you can see some of the babies peeking their heads up for food. It was so amazing to watch the mom with her newly hatched babies. The kids loved this.

better view of the nest.
Megan with dad
Katie and Justin putting out peanuts and food for the animals.
Justin Rob and Katie....Hold it right there...don't take another step. Playing guns of course, they had a great time going for walks and hikes, and shooting all the bad guys.


Rob being silly!
Nicole with Megan
Rob and Katie watching the squirells, and chippers (chipmunks)
Megan hanging out on the deck!

What an amazing weekend we had at my parents cabin. (June 9th) We played together, watched the animals, played games, watched movies, ate yummy treats and food, fixed up the basement for my dad as a fathers day gift (it was a big mess and it looked great when we were done)! The kids loved their time up there and we hope to get back before the summer is over!

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