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Monday, December 22, 2008

Winder Dairy!

December 2008
I love traditions at Christmas, I look forward to them every year and I am always so excited to start new ones. I have read about some of my friends traditions on their blogs and I am so excited to try some of them next year. Like using only wrapping paper that represents the savior and the true meaning of Christmas (Thanks Tiffany great idea) etc. One of our family's favorites is visiting Winder Dairy every year. Usually we go for FHE but it is always so crowded that we decided to try a different night and I think Rob and I mutually decided that another night is what we do from now on! No hour or more line, we just walked right up to the front, no waiting for a table, got one easy. Santa and Mrs. Clause were not busy at all, my kids talked their ears off! It was great! There isn't much better than seeing some nice Christmas lights, visiting Santa and Mrs. Clause and getting a candy cane, and eating scones and hot chocolate! Not to mention Rob usually gets some egg nog for later too. Complete Bliss! And of course lot's of laughs to go along with it!
Justin eating his scone!

Rob and Megan enjoying their scones and hot chocolate!

Katie eating or should I say preparing her scones!
Megan eating her candy cane from santa!

Megan on Santa's lap. She wants a Fur real friend animal, and a doll house!

Katie talking to santa, She wants the same thing Megan wants a fur real friend animal and a doll house. When she was all done though she said "but you can bring me whatever you want". Mrs Clause thought that was the sweetest thing.

Justin apparently wanted to be very secrative in his telling. He had a lot to say though. When he was done I asked him what he asked for and he said first I told him I wanted some of Santa's real magic, but Santa said no, so then I told him ok I would like a race track with cars then! Santa said he could do that. Later on after Justin was done with his scone he went back over and talked to Mrs Clause for about 10 minutes, I have no idea what he was telling her but he was very into it. I think he was very excited to see them! He also informed me that they got the kids cards and what they wanted in the mail, he asked and they said so.


Anonymous said...

I just want you to know that your kids are the sweetest! Justin, Landon and I were shoveling yesterday, and Justin told me that he doesn't care about the presents so much; he knows that Christmas is about Jesus and his family. WOW! What an awesome little man. You should be so proud (pleased) with who he is. I love having you as our new neighbors!
Merry Christmas,

The Dunham Family said...

I did not know they did that at Winder dairy! Looks fun, I will have to get the info sometime!

Ashley and Andrew said...

What a great idea! I never new you could go do that I didn't even know there was a Winder Dairy store... I just thought it came straight to your porch (JK!) Your kids are so sweet... just listen to what they told Santa and it shows you're raising them right!

Chad and Tina said...

How is your cute family!? I haven't heard from you in a while! It looks like you had a fun Christmas! I hope you are doing well and feeling okay!