Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Our economy???

Our economy isn't the greatest right now obviously and it is something we have really been thinking a lot about recently. I have really been trying to get our food storage, trauma kits, water, saving and cutting back on unnecessary things. I will admit it has been a struggle at times but overall I think our family has really been more blessed. I have really been talking to the kids about keeping lights off, eating all their meals, not wasting, etc. And fixing things that have broken rather than throwing them away and buying a new one. And FYI watch the rates because now is a great time to refinance your mortgage loan, it has dropped in the 4% range several times in the last few months. I guess for me consciously thinking about all of this has helped me have a better understanding for what the savior talks about in the scriptures. About preparing every needful thing and our current leaders telling us to prepare for a rainy day and get our food storage and get out of debt. Currently we are so blessed Rob has a great job and things have been going so well for him but we never know when something may change. I guess I have had that on my mind a lot lately and how I just want to be prepared and pray that I would be in case something did ever happen. I still have a long way to go I realized but a little each day, week, or month really can make a big difference. I watched Oprah last week (which I never do because I never have time too but I saw a special on her show while at the Gym) and her entire show was on what we can do to cut costs and save money etc. I recorded it if anyone wants to see it it was really helpful to me and I really liked a lot of the things that were said. Anyway I share this only to remind myself and maybe anyone else that times are hard but they will get better. Help one another and prepare ourselves now because no ones futures are secure and for sure. Anything could happen. I am so happy I have a family and no matter what we will be together! I only hope I can continue to be better prepared! I need just remember "if ye are prepared ye shall not fear" I guess I'm not ready then because I am a little afraid. Apparently I have more work to do.


Christenson's said...

It is scary isn't it.... I am sure you are far more prepared then we are...... Anyway I was wondering if you wanted some of my maternity clothes you don't have to, but I just got them back and thought somebody might want them let me know if you want to even check them out. As for any John Denver songs their is only one I can't find and have looked for for years.... He sang it at one of his concerts and I loved it and have never been able to find it... it says something about while the flower still clings to the vine?? Do you have that or have you even ever heard of it? It was a good song. I think I quite possibly have every other song probably more than once for each song. What gym do you go to? NO wonder you are so skinny my clothes will drown you I am sure but they are pretty adjustable!

Dial Family said...

UGH!! It has been a while since I've been checking blogs!! SORRY!! Catching up though has been so fun!! Esp, seeing all the many things your cute family has been up to (YOU ARE ONE BUSY MOMMA!!) We are due in May and are having another girl (AHHH). :) I'm a little more excited however, growing up with 4 younger brothers I guess I"m getting the girl jitters out of me.. ANYHOW, I so appreciated your thoughts on this most recent piece. We moved to St. George for a job (great supposed opp.) and to finish school. The job didn't pan out but fortunately we had enough savings to last us until he found something else 3 weeks later. Well, the first of the year, he was laid off, the company went under thus we were unemployed for about a month. We have been so soo SOO blessed though that month becuase we not only were unemployed but we received work from friends odds and ends that ended up taking up all his time while waiting for the job he's at now (MUCH MORE STABLE!!) to start. It's hard to be an electrician (or in the construction field) at this point becuase of the economy (and he HAS to stick with it hours wise for school in order to graduate ontime next summer...) It's been so frustrating but deep down I have felt my saviors love and blessings poured upon his thru this whole thing. We have felt so many family and friends prayers thru all of this and I just feel so soo SOO blessed compared to the many that are unemployed and are struggling!! I'm glad to hear things are going well fo ryou guys!! Keep on truckin' I guess is what they say, right? Take care and I'll be checkin' sooner this next time.. (LOVE THE SLEEPOVER idea, that is so adorable!! My girls would just eat that up..)

Ashley and Andrew said...

You are doing an awesome job and I am so thankful for what an example you are to me. It's so nice to have a friend I know I can go to that doesn't mind answering my silly "DUH" questions. Thanks so much. You are amazing!!!