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Friday, February 6, 2009

At the Fire Station!

February 2009
Today we took a field trip to the fire station with the Joy School kids. And any other siblings or kids that wanted to come. They had a lot of fun looking at the trucks and listening to the firemen.
The kids with the trucks and firemen.
My family

They are all plugging their ears because the siren is on. They had to decide if the ambulance or the Firetruck was louder. I think they said the Firetruck won. I thought it was a close tie personally.

Me and Megan in her fire hat.

The fireman all dressed and ready for the fire. The kids had such a fun time telling him to put on all his clothes. Stepping on his feet (since nothing could hurt his feet in those boots), hitting his head (since nothing could hurt him with his helmet on). etc. It was really fun.

Here the kids are telling the fireman what to wear and why each piece of clothing and uniform is important. They loved this part and would just laugh and laugh.

Listening to the fireman talk to the kids about the firehouse.

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The Dunham Family said...

I love the firehouse tour.
I am looking at you in the different pictures---are you sure you are pregnant. No fair, I get huge!