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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Megan!

March 13, 2009

So my little baby girl turned 2 on Friday the 13th! I am so sad, I can't believe she is so big already! She had such a great birthday and was so loved by so many! (Thanks). This was a picture I took on Sunday in her new Birthday dress from Rob's parents. She looked like a little princess! Where did the time go is all I can say? Wow my beautiful outgoing little shadow. I love you so much. She loves to be with me everywhere I am and not just there, right on my lap! She is the cuddliest little kid and gives the best hugs of anyone I know. Such a happy and good kid too, I really couldn't ask for much more. Thanks for keeping us all giggly and smiley, you are one amazing daughter and sister, and I'm sure you will make a great big sister soon. Thanks for being a part of our family, we love you kiddo and Happy Birthday! (Let's pray she skips the terrible 2's, maybe I'll get lucky)!

Megan in her Birthday dress!

Opening presents with grandparents that they brought her. They gave her 2 adorable dresses, pant and shirt outfit, and a cute my little pony doll that talks and plays. She loved them all!

Opening the presents. They came over the night before her birthday since we had plans the night of her birthday!

All the presents and decor ready for tomorrow!

Megan got a baby that acts just like a newborn it's eyes move and mouth sucks on the Binky or bottle when she cries, and she will eventually go to sleep. When she is asleep she makes breathing noises like a baby and her tummy goes up and down. When she is awake if you hold her and play with her she laughs and babbles. It is so cute, and she loved it. Rob and I gave this to her. (I secretly hope she will want to take care of her baby when the real new baby is here so she and I will have something to do together.

We also gave her her own dollhouse and another furniture set to go in it.. the laundry room. She climbed up on the table to start to play with it. I think she liked it.

Megan in her Birthday hat, we went to toys R us a few days before and she got this hat and a balloon and has been wearing it ever since.

That night we went to ChuckECheese to celebrate! She loved seeing ChuckE and kept giving him big hugs and kisses!

The gang with chuckE!

They all loved the rides and playing the games. Megan hit gold on one game and came away with over 550 prize tickets. We split them all up at the end since we only had 775 total but Megan was the main champion for sure. Good thing she is a good sharer. She got a new dancing skirt so she could be like Katie. Justin and Katie wanted cotton candy!

Katie and Megan's favorite thing to do was ride the ponies! Can you blame them?

By the time we got home Megan had fallen asleep so these are pictures of us blowing out cake the next day. She wanted a Strawberry Shortcake cake so this is the one I made her. It took some time but it turned out pretty cute. I guess my cake decorating class paid off some! She really loved it and so did the other kids!

Close-up of her cake!

The kids and dad waiting to blow out the candle. In our family we have a tradition that the Birthday person blows out the candle(s) first then everyone else gets a turn, then you sing one more time to the Birthday person who gets to blow them out one last time! It's kinda fun!

It even tasted good. YUM!

And the kids on Sunday in their church clothes. Just a fun photo.


The Dunham Family said...

Great job on the cake!
Your family is so cute.
When does the new one come?

Did you hear Rob Fetzer just had his twin girls? They think one might be deaf. I have not heard the outcome yet. Lets hope it is good news.

Rochelle said...

so cute! looks like you made it a special birthday for her! I guess we'll have to try ChuckEcheese one of these days. looks fun!

Christenson's said...

What a fun family you have.... She looks so cute in her little dress!! You did a great job on the Strawberry Shortcake cake.... that must have taken forever, Olivia had that kind of cake and it did take Tom quite awhile... (ha ha I really do make him do that kind of stuff) anyway Happy Birthday little Megan.... the terrible two's aren't that bad they are just practicing to be 3.... which is harder then 2 sometimes

Brooke said...

She IS a little princess! Happy birthday! I love the cake....it's too cute to eat!

Amanda said...

What a cute 2 year old! Love the cake. I didn't know you are so talented. My kids love ChuckECheese. It's a great place, especially for the little ones!

Nannon said...

I love that lil one! Happpy bithday sweetie. The cake looks great Nic!

Turnbow Family said...

beautiful cake! it's fun to watch them grow up, but they just do it too darn fast :)

Dial Family said...

I LOVE that cake!! You are SUPER amazing!! I remember when my mom did those kinds of cakes for us growing up as well. I too had a strawberry shortcake around that age.. LOVE IT!! What a fun birthday. Don't they grow up super fast, before you know it your watching them dress up in a beautiful white gown and saying goodbye one last time.. (sigh).. She is adorable, love the dress!! What a beautiful princess! Enjoy it while it lasts!! I sure am trying!!...


Happy Birthday Megan. We hope you had a great time. Good job on the cake Nicole.