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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter fun!

April 2009
Easter time! We had such a busy Easter this year. But a fun one. We started off with our visit to Rob's Grandpas for a Easter hunt. My kids got there late so they missed it but they won the big purple bunny in the raffle so they were happy. Below is a photo with grandpa and all the grand kids that came.

Later that day we went to Rob's parents for Easter egg dyeing, and a kid and adult Easter hunt. Very fun. I found an egg with a $5 bill in it so I was happy, don't need candy anyway. Below are the kids doing the eggs.

Katie loved dyeing eggs!

And so did Megan and Justin!

Then on Sunday after church we went to Nicole's parents for another Easter egg hunt there. Below is Justin with his basket. He got some new shoes, clothes, candy, and a ball.

Katie with her basket. She also got some new shoes, clothes, and a bunny.

Megan with her basket. She got clothes, shoes, and a bunny also.

The kids after church in their Easter clothes.

Outside in the Easter outfits before church! Katie, Megan, & Justin.

Sunday morning seeing what the Easter bunny left. Mom left some stuff too. I left a movie called He is Risen about the Savior and the resurrection that we watched with the kids. I always try and do something to bring in the true meaning of the holiday and not all just the commercialized stuff. The kids enjoyed the movie and I think it helped them get a better understanding of what Easter is really about.