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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Katie!

April 15th 2009
Today we celebrated Katie's birthday! What a glorious one too. Katie has been through so much in her life but is such a happy little girl despite it. She is a beautiful, talented and one amazing person. I love her so much and couldn't imagine our family without her. Katie LOVE'S animals and it shows. Most of her presents were animals of some kind. We love you little princess happy 4th birthday!
Katie with her presents! Mom and dad gave her a new princess swimming suit, Stuffed animal dog, princess slippers, room decor, and a car (from Justin).

Katie with her cake. She wanted a horse cake so we did a carousel horse. She loved it and it turned out pretty cute!

Horse cake!

Katie with the dog she really wanted. It does things when you play with it. Shakes your hands, wags it's tail, barks, etc. Needless to say she fell in love with it at the store and has wanted it ever since she saw it when we went shopping for Megan's birthday.

She also wanted this baby that swims (which she got from Robs parents), along with princess Aurora doll and dress up kit, a new dress and another outfit.

Katie in her new dress!

Katie in the other outfit she got.

Katie really wanted to go to Arctic Circle for her Birthday! (We usually let the kids decide where they want to go and take them out). Here are the 3 kids there!

Katie at Arctic Circle she had fun!

Katie also had a little birthday party with all her friends at preschool! She got some fun presents and blew out her candles!
Katie with her cake at preschool!


Shannon said...

The cake looks awesome Nic! And I like their hair in pig tails, reminds me of when we were little!

Rochelle said...

how fun! you always make your kids' birthdays so special! I can't believe that cake! you are amazing!