Happy Thanksgiving

Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Mothers Day
What a fun day visiting grandmas, and fun with the kids.

Not my best photo, if you can't tell I am so ready to have this baby in 3 days! Love you kiddos though! Thanks for making my job as a mom so fun and enjoyable you are all great kids.

I got these beautiful flowers for mothers day! And the "LEMON" as Katie called it. (Watermelon) I wanted a pineapple but he couldn't find one so I got the other instead and that was good too!

Katie with her finished stepping stone. For mothers day this year the kids made stepping stones for their grandmas and mom. They turned out so great too!

Justin with his finished stepping stone.

Kids painting the stepping stones

Megan with my finished stepping stone.

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