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Friday, October 9, 2009

Soccer Fun!!!

September 2009
It's fall and that means it's SOCCER time again! Which means fun but busy too!!! This year Katie and Justin wanted to play, they already had a coach for Justin's team and he's great so Rob is coaching Katie's team! It has been a lot of fun a little crazy at times when both games fall at the same time, but still fun! Katie is trying really hard to be aggressive and get in there but seems to enjoy herself. And Justin is enjoying a coach that is really pushing and teaching him. They are learning to play positions and it has been really fun to watch him learn so much. Keep up the great work kiddos you're doing GREAT!

Justin on picture day!

Rob with Katie!

Justin's team and coach. Justin is playing with his friend Kelsie, Bailey, and Jackson a friend from school!

Katie's team with dad! She is playing with her best pal Brooklynn!

Justin playing goalie. He told me the other day "mom it's a lot harder now to get goals because they have a goalie and they get to use their hands" I agreed that this made it more difficult. But he likes it.

Justin throwing in the ball!

Rob with Katie and Brooklynn!

Justin waiting to go in!

Katie excited to play!

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luann said...

Our kids LOVED soccer! It was so fun for them!

I just need to be better emotionally, physically and mentally prepared when it comes around again next year! It drove me nuts!