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Sunday, January 3, 2010

December Fun and Random photos!

December 2009

Often I find a bunch of random photos here are some of those for December.

Megan, Katie and Ryan hanging out!

Brooklynn, Katie and Megan in front of the hay ride.

Katie on the stick horse

Megan riding the stick horse!

Justin on the stick horse!

Brooklynn and Katie on the hay ride!

Kelsie and Megan dancing at our ward party!

Ryan being silly and cute

Ryan asleep in the bumbo, he fell asleep while I was feeding him!

Peaceful sleeping baby boy!

Ryan on his tummy! He doesn't crawl he roles everywhere he wants to go!

Ryan and mom

Mom and Megan

Mom and Ryan! I have a picture of me and Justin when Justin was this same age and he is wearing this same outfit!

Happy growing little boy 7 months now!

Megan, Rob and Ryan lounging around!

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