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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Christmas Fun & traditions!

December 2009
Here are some fun photos of us on Christmas and some of our traditions and fun things we do during the Christmas season!
Every year we take a family picture by our Christmas tree! We had such a great Christmas and everyone got what they wanted from Santa. We must have been good this year!

Megan and Katie dancing in their new ballet outfits!

Rob with his new nerf gun. He and Justin love these, I on the other hand don't because guess who's always the main target....ME!

Justin with his nerf gun from santa!

Justin and Ryan getting ready for bed on Christmas eve!

Chrismas eve, the kids all opened one present, they all got some new jammies!

Getting ready for Santa to come, making sugar cookies. Ryan playing with the cookie cutters!

Megan making sugar cookies!

One day I came in the front room and one of my kids arranged our little people nativity like this. I thought it was so cute everyone was facing Jesus.

Justin with Santa in Ogden!

Megan with Santa in Ogden!

Katie with Santa in Ogden!

Rob and Megan looking at the villages in Ogden!

Our family goes up to Ogden every year to see the Christmas lights and villages with Rob's family. We go to dinner before and often get Farr ice-cream after. This year we skipped the ice-cream and got hot chocolate instead.

Our visit to temple square to see the lights.

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