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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Family Fun in Park City with friends!

June 9-12, 2010
This has been a bitter sweet time up at Park City this week. My cute friend Shannon and her family invited us up to their park city condo. So We all went up with them. The kids and I all had a great time and Rob had a good time as well in the time he was able to be there. Unfortunately Rob's Grandpa ended up getting very sick and weak so Rob spent most of the week down at the hospital with his grandfather and his family until he did pass away on Saturday the 12th. Below are some of the pictures of the kids and I and Shannon's family and some of the fun things we did on our vacation!

Ryan, Justin, Alex, Megan, Joshlyn, and Katie

Ryan and I

Shannon's husband Brian showing all the kids funny things online one night. They were having so much fun.

Ryan eating a sucker. We took the kids to the Chocolate factory and told all of them to pick a treat several of them chose succors.

Rob with his homemade peanut butter cup from the Chocolate factory!

I grilled Chicken and hot dogs with, homemade beans, corn on the cob, salad, and fruit for dinner one night!

Justin and Alex playing Brian in giant chess game Brian won but the boys did very well!

The girls playing twister dance

The kids with the Park City moose

The kids watching a movie and hanging out

Katie moose

Saying Hi to the giant ice cream cone at Burger king!

Hanging out in the room!

Ryan at the pool

Megan swimming

Katie in the pool

Alex and Justin swimming and having fun. This was an incredible pool. We were staying at a Marriott resort and it was really nice.

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