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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Some fun and random pictures!

May 2010
Here are some fun pictures of the kids.
May 30 2010 the kids in their Memorial Day church attire!

Ryan and Rob!

Ryan loves to play in the dishwasher. He thinks it is so much fun! I find him like this all the time if I forget to shut it really tight!

Katie Deva! She went to a birthday party for our neighbor Dannon across the street. It was a walk the red carpet theme. It was so cute. I had Katie dress up and when she got to the party her daughter was dressed in the same exact outfit. They both looked so cute!

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The Dunham Family said...

I like the picture of Ryan on the dishwasher door. Hope he does not do that w/ the oven.
Actually my nephew did that with the oven, but it was off!

What a fun mom you are Nicole!