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Friday, May 27, 2011

more catching up!

Nov. 2011 Below are some updated pictures of some of the things our family have been up to this year since Brittney was born.

Our Family picture 2011 October!

Megan and Ryan on the frog at the aquarium. We got the family season passes here and they love it! Oct 2011!

Oct 2011 Brittney adorable as ever!

Silly Brittney Oct 2011

Canyon lands on hike to Mesa arch 2011

Rob at sand arch in arches building arch in the sand! 2011

Our Family at Delicate arch in Arches National park 2011!

Justin 2011 Sep. Getting his wolf!

Planet play for Justin's Birthday. Rob and Katie racing in the cars! Sep 21 2011

September 21, 2011 Justin is 9 Happy Birthday His Mountain Biking cake!

September 11, 2011 sandy seeing the flags! What a sweet remembrance of a horrible time! Mom and Brittney!

Our girls! Are they so cute or what! What a lucky mom I am! September 2011

Swinging Aug. 2011!

Megan starting ballet and tap again September 2011

August 2011 Megan going back to preschool!

Katie caught a fish at Smith & Morehouse Aug 2011 she was so happy!

Fishing on the canoe Aug. 2011 Smith & Morehouse!

Megan and Brittney Aug. 2011

Katie and Rob celebrating their Birthdays at Grandmas house Aug. 2011

Aug. 2011 Silly kids!

Megan and Katie all dressed up like pioneers we went to the Martin Harris Pageant and they let all the kids come down and dress up and get their hair in rag curls. It was a fun experience, we went with Nicole's family. Aug. 2011. Justin was playing pioneer games with Ryan!

We actually went to Tremonton 2 this summer the 2nd time while there we went to see the trains at promontory point the kids had a blast they were doing reenactments and games Aug. 2011!

We went to Tremonton Camping in the trailer, the kids loved swimming in the Hot springs! August 2011! Brittney, mom & Katie!

Playing in the rain 2011!

Visiting camp Brighton June 2011 where Nicole was a camp counselor (ditto)!

Ryan in Yellowstone 2011!

Kids with their junior ranger badges and books in Yellowstone! 2011 We saw so many animals such as bear (5), bison, birds, wolves, deer, elk, rabbits, caribou, etc.

Eating ice-cream in Montana! 2011

Yellowstone at waterfall 2011

Old Faithful in Yellowstone 2011

Jackson Hole 2011

Ryan riding scooter June 2011

June 2011 Bingham copper mine

Megan and Ryan doing sparklers July 2011!

July 2011 Our Family!

July 2011 Rob, Brittney & I at Sandy parade!

Mom with Brittney July 2011!

Rob and Brittney 4th of July 2011

Megan and Katie after new haircuts 2011 June!

On deck of the cabin 2011

Kids on hike at cabin 2011!

At the cabin Moose outside the cabin! 2011

Movie time at cabin June 2011

Fun at the cabin we went up for a week with the family June 2011!

Cute Brittney! 2011!

Kids june 2011 Fathers day!

Justin Soccer 2011

Justin Graduation 2nd grade! With High flying Hawk Award! June 2011

Katie Kindergarten graduation June 2011
with her High Flying Hawk award!

Katie LOVES the monkey bars, she does them every chance she gets! June 2011!

Memorial Day May 2011

Visiting G. Grandpa for memorial day!

Filling up the sandbox 2011

Ryan and Megan playing in our new sand for the sandbox! June 2011!

June 2011 Katie and Megan dance! Don't they look so cute they were in a ballet & tap class together!

Megan Preschool graduation May 2011

Brittney May 2011

Swimming lessons May 2011

Ryan 2nd birthday with his Diego Cake! May 20, 2011!

June 2011 Katie rides 2 wheeler without training wheels!

Mothers Day May 2011

Brittney in blessing dress 2011

Brittney's blessing day June 2011

Easter 2011

Justin space Derby May 2011

Katie in her Birthday Dress April 2011

Ryan Birthday age 2 May 2011

Katie Kindergarten graduation pic June 2011

April 2011 The kids in their Sunday best!

April 2011 Brittney 1 month old

April 15, 2011 Katie 6th Birthday with her #6 cake and dog bone!

Katie got a dog that walks, clothes, and a new razor scooter April 15, 2011! Happy 6 birthday!

April 13, 2011 Happy Birthday Rob! We gave him a picture of John Wayne to hang in his office.

April, 2011 The kids wanted to try shaving like their dad so I let them all pretend to shave!

April 2011 Justin made these yummy lip succors at scouts!

April 2011 Katie in the suit they have Rob wear during my c section!

April 2011 Justin in the outfit from the hospital he is ready to see patients!

March 2011 Cute Ryan!

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You do so many fun things as a family! fun birthdays & family trips! Good job! cute pics:)