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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

another update! May 2012

Here I go again with a fun update on what we have been up too.  I noticed I hadn't given an update since November and so much has gone on that I should do another one.  So here it goes!  The pictures updated a little weird but most of them are in order sorry for those that aren't!  As you can see we have been busy busy but as always playing and having fun!  And for us that's what matters the most!

December 2011 Megan in her Ellie the Elf costume and Kids around the Christmas tree!  We had a fabulous Christmas season!  We loved visiting Ogden and seeing all the lights, winder dairy, Temple square, seeing Christmas and Bible street, fun with the family, visits from Family from TX playing in the snow and Celebrating the birth of our savior!  The kids loved seeing Santa and all the fun that comes with the Christmas season!

Katie with her 100th day of school stuff!

Rob gave Nicole this new painting of the salt Lake Temple for Valentines day!  It is so beautiful! Feb. 2012

Snow much fun in January 2012

March 2012 Fun at the zoo!

Ryan and Brittney March 2012 I love this of them Ryan loves his little sister so much!

Megan Ryan and Katie petting the sting rays at the aquarium March 2012

March 2012 For Megan's birthday she wanted to take cupcakes to dance!  I made these little ballet too-toos that I saw on pinterest they were such a hit and so adorable the little girls all loved them!

March 13,2012 Megan is 5 Happy Birthday cutie.  She is sure growing up fast.  But still my little petite one!  She is all smiles and the most cuddly and Huggy child I have ever known.  Megan loves to dance, sing, play dolls and enjoy her princesses.  She is so smart and a great sister!  We love you kiddo!

Megan's princess birthday cake!  This was fun to make!

Megan and Brittney have birthdays close together so here they are in their matching outfits.  They look so cute!  March 2012

Megan with her cake!

Katie is our smarty pants.  Here she is with her student of the week stuff she got from the school!  March 2012

Mom with all the kids at the aquarium!  March 2012

Megan had a princess birthday party.  Here she is dressed as tangled and showing off some new princess shoes she got.  It was a fun party!
March 2012

I made swords and shields for all the knights out of cardboard and tinfoil and string then they got to put stickers on them!  They were a lot of fun the knights loved them! March 2012

Here are all the princesses at the party don't they look so pretty! March 2012 this is such a fun party to do with girls at this age they are so into it and have so much fun!

Megan and Katie at our local rec center Easter Egg Dive.  They got to dive for eggs then got to swim after it was a lot of fun all the kids had a blast! 4-2012

Megan got this new dress for her birthday! 3-2012

Brittney is One!  Here she is with all her presents!  This little girl is my mover!  She never sits still for a second and loves to be on the go.  She is super fast, enthusiastic and loves to play games with us.  3-18-2012

Brittney's birthday cake I made her.  It's brown and pink and turned out super cute! 3-18-12

Brittney with her cake she really wanted to eat this I had a hard time getting a picture of her she kept crawling out to get the cake! 3-2012

St Patrick's Day eating cabbage rolls!  3-2012

Brittney's learning to walk.  Here she is taking her first 3 steps! 3-2012

Justin with his pinewood derby car he took 5th and his car was super fast!  It was really fun!  He built and designed it all! 3-2012

Brittney at the schools playground playing she was just so cute! 3-2012

Justin on the go at a soccer game!  He looks so determined doesn't he.  He loves to play! 3-2012

The kids dyeing Easter eggs!  4-2012

Happy Easter Justin with his Easter stuff! 4-2012

All the kids on Easter Sunday 4-2012!

Happy 35 Rob!  That's a lot of candles! 4-13-12

Katie's birthday cake!  She wanted a Hawaiian themed cake this year. 4-15-2012

Katie with her cake on her birthday!  Katie is such a sweet and cheerful daughter.  She is the child that no matter what I ask her to do I know she will do it without complaining and do it well.  She is my perfectionist.  I love her sweetness and gratitude for others.  She is always taking care of Brittney and helping mom and a super student.  She is a caring and loving person and growing up so fast!  I love you Katie! 4-15-2012

Justin Blue and Gold Banquet 4-2012

Brittney 4-2012 she just looked so cute how could I not!

4-2012 Katie had a luau party with her friends.  Here she is with her cupcake!  They made shell necklaces and beaded them.  We did the luau to a video I got at the library (the kids all loved this and had a lot of fun doing it even the boys), we played games like limbo etc.  It was a fun party!

The luau party friends! 4-2012

Rob, Katie, Brittney and Ryan Just a cute picture 4-2012

Brittney with a balloon! 4-2012

Megan in her spring recital outfit posing.  She loves to dance and can't wait till she goes on the stage next week to perform! 5-2012

Mothers day mom with her kiddos! 5-2012 I love being a mom it is the greatest challenge and greatest reward I could ever ask for!  It helps that I have great kids too!

Ryan with my mom and dad on mothers day! 5-2012

Rob and I with Megan at her preschool graduation 5-2012 She is ready for Kindergarten!

All the kids at preschool graduation with their diplomas and report cards!  Congrats grads! 5-2012

Katie at her 1st grade music performance! 5-2012

Justin at his choir performance.  It was all on the revolution and the history of our country.  he is on 2nd row from bottom 2nd from right!  They did a great job he enjoys singing so much! 5-2012

5-2012 The kids modeling the cars I made for Ryan's Birthday party He is in love with Lightning McQueen so I worked for months on these cars to have them just right and they were so fun and turned out awesome!

I spray painted a track on the grass in red with a start line.  Made Rob a checkered flag and he controlled the races!  It was a fun party all the kids loved changing cars and running around the track!   It was perfect for three year olds, that's what they want to do anyway run around I figured! 5-2012 Below are all the cars I made!

The King

Lightning McQueen


Fillmore the VW Bus (one side)

Fillmore VW (other side)

Mater (I made 3 of these since I felt several kids would want this one)

Mac Truck (front)

Mac side 1

\Mac side 2

cupcakes with lots of friends

Red the firetruck side 1


Red side 2

Fin MacMissile



Another Lightning since I thought this may be a popular one!

Doc Hudson

Rob with the King

The kids ready to race and dad 5-2012

GO!!!!!!  I love the looks on the kids faces they had SO much fun running around the track! 

Ryan in Lightning!  His favorite car!  He had so much fun! 5-2012

Some of the kids in their cars!

After the party Ryan went to Build a Bear he named his new dog Diego! 5-2012

Ryan with one of hes birthday presents (cars of course)! Happy3rd birthday little buddy!  He is such a sweet and caring little boy.  Loves to give and take kisses, helpful and obedient.  Loves Cars the movie!  Smart boy who wants to do everything mom and dad do!  I love his cheesy smile and little dimple!  He is all boy and I sure do love ya buddy! 5-20-2012

Ryan with his Lightning McQueen cake of course!  Mom actually had a lot of fun making this cake! 

Now I don't know why but the pictures updated funny so now we are back to December so sorry for the weird order!  But here are the kids in preschool putting on the Christmas pageant.  12-2011

The kids seeing Santa! 12-2011 Justin asked for a navy ship, Katie wanted anything for her American Girl Doll, Megan said "anything on the isle" (meaning the isle of doll items for her American Girl), Ryan wanted the McQueen race track, and Brittney didn't care of course.  They were all so good this year I think they all got what they wanted!

The kids eating scones at Winder dairy and drinking hot chocolate and eggnog of course too!

riding the train and seeing the lights with family in Ogden 12-2011! That's Justin at the front of the train!

A cute picture of Brittney!  12-2011

12-2011 Our family singing and Justin and Katie each taking turns playing a piece on the piano!

Making Sugar cookies for Santa! YUM and us too! 12-2011

We always let the kids have a sleepover together on Christmas Eve!  Here they all are getting tucked into bed!  They were so excited! 12-24-2011!

The kids all got a camera for Christmas here they all are with them! 12-25-2011!

This year Christmas was on a Sunday Kind of sweet actually so here we all are ready for church in front of the tree.  12-25-2011

I went to the Nutcracker with the girls and robs sisters and their girls!  Here I am with my girls (minus the baby) by one of the nutcrackers.  After we had pictures and went to Clara's cookie party backstage.  It was a fun experience the girls loved it! 12-26-2011

Family pictures at the capital!  Brittney was so sick this day she is so miserable in all the pictures I felt so bad! 12-28-2011

Our family 12-28-2011

Megan and Katie as Mulans! 12-2011

Brittney with her antlers! I love this pic! 12-2011

Happy New Year! 12-31-2011 Ringing in the new year with the kids!

Tonight we had a Hawaiian themed family home evening treat! We had a smoothie bar and all the kids got to choose a smoothie flavor and dad would mix them up it was really fun! 1-2012

Brittney and Megan one Sunday together I love this picture of them!  Both in their plaids together! 1-2012

A visit to the fire station for preschool!  They always love this field trip!

Rob and the kids in their new superhero capes they got for Christmas! 1-2012 They were running around trying to lock each other up and save one another it was super cute!

Justin with his trophy from Junior Jazz he has been playing all winter.  He loved it I knew he would and now I think he's hooked! I have a feeling we will be doing this on a regular basis.  1-2012

The kids on a Sunday.  They all looked cute together so of course I took a picture! 1-2012

So that's our silly and fun update.  Sorry it has been a while but things sure have been busy here at our house and somehow the time just slips away from me.  Hope this gives everyone a little bit of what we have been up too since last November and hopefully I won't be such a stranger but who knows! 


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Nicole, your family is just the cutest and you are an awesome Mom! So glad to have worked with you and know you:)

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This is a very beautiful and interesting series of pictures, i enjoyed every picture, it has great detail in it, thanks for sharing the artistic work, i appreciate your work!

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