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Monday, January 28, 2008

Making Christmas Cookies!

December 2007
I Love Christmas. Today I made Sugar Cookies with the kids. We had a lot of fun! Another one of those fun traditions I like to do every year with them.
Megan, Justin, and Katie Rolling out the dough and making shapes! Ok so Megan is just watching us and playing with the cookie cutters!

Aren't they good! I think they ate more dough than we ever even baked!

FROSTING! I was surprised that Katie is actually using green frosting here I swear she only frosted pink ones. And Justin's favorite part was putting on the sprinkles!

Justin and Katie! I wasn't lying when I said they ate more than we baked it seemed!

All I can say is I have some creative little kids. They really did a great job decorating. All the pink ones are from Katie. Justin liked to use a lot of colors and lot's of sprinkles so those are all his! Mommy had a little fun decorating some too. We wre ALL a mess and so was the kitchen, but we had a superb time doing it and they tasted great!

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