Happy Thanksgiving

Monday, January 28, 2008


December 2007
Another one of our family traditions is visiting Winder Dairy every year for FHE one night in December. The kids love it because Santa is there and of course food. We also enjoy seeing the lights which actually aren't anything spectacular any more but it is still a lot of fun!
Justin and Santa! Justin asked Santa for a Train Table this year. He still loves trains so much!
He actually said that Santa was too fast tonight that he didn't even get to ask him for what he wanted. I told him we would see him again.

Katie is so funny. She changed almost daily what she wanted to ask Santa for and they were always so innocent and thoughtful. Usually they consisted of things for me. Some of my favorites were; a guitar like dad and justin's, a Jello mold, a water bottle, and a new kitchen. The New water bottle and kitchen seemed to stick, and that is what she asked him for here.

Megan with Santa! Still too young to talk but we had her sit on his lap anyway. She liked his beard as most young babies do. She is asking santa for the Playskool ball popper.

Justin and Katie eating their yummy scones and drinking their hot chocolate!

Rob enjoying his scone and honey butter. I am taking the pictures so I am not in any of them but I had fun too! Scones are one of my favorite foods.

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