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Monday, January 28, 2008

Visiting Temple Square!

December 2007
Tonight the family ventured to Temple Square. It is a tradition of ours to go downtown every year to see the lights. We had a lot of fun .
Rob and the kids in front of the temple! Katie was so funny while there it was really cold. She kept saying to the cold "get off me cold, get off me!" As if it would listen to her or something. Kids are so innocent and cute!

This was one of my favorite pictures they were both so excited when we got to the top near the Christis statue. I think at first Katie thought it was really Jesus. they both stared in awe and amazement. They are really trying so hard to be like him. Mom and Dad are so proud of both of you. We love you so much!

After we went to the temple we went up to Rob's office to get his laptop. It took us a while due to a "suspicious package" in a building nearby and all the streets had been blocked off and the police weren't allowing anyone into the area. While up in the office we got jammies on and had some hot chocolate. Yum, sorry Megan, none for you just yet. We went and saw Christmas, and Bible street and read the story of Jesus' birth as well. It was a wonderful night. Merry Christmas all and Happy traditions.

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