Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

July 4th, 2009
Today we went to Robs parents for a fun filled day. Rob's sister and her family were here from Texas so we had a good time seeing them again!
They surprised us with a fun cake for Ryan since we usually have a family get together the day before we bless our babies. Since this time it fell over the holiday many had other plans. But they remembered and got a cake and we celebrated his blessing tomorrow too!

Ryan with his cake!

Our family!

Justin by the pond!

Katie eating cake. Rob's dad bought little squirters too and the kids had fun squirting each other and all of the parents with them too!

Ryan with Great Grandpa. His middle name is after Grandpas first wife!

Katie, Megan & Justin we all went to the Sandy city parade. The kids had such a fun time collecting candy and seeing the floats!

The whole gang waiting for the parade to start! They were so excited!

Justin doing sparklers!

Scott with Megan doing sparklers.

Rob helping Katie with sparklers!

Nicole and Justin watching the fireworks!

Nicole with Katie, Megan & Justin! Sitting on the blanket watching the fireworks.

Megan and Justin watching the fireworks!

Katie watching the fireworks with her glow stick bracelets, Rob's mom bought these for all the kids!

Happy Birthday America! We had a fun day celebrating!

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