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Monday, August 31, 2009

Oqurih Temple open house!

July 31, 2009

We were so excited to get to go to our new Oquirh mountain temple open house in our district. We can see the temple from our backyard and back windows and it has been such a fun experience for our kids to watch this temple get built. They loved the ground breaking, the building, the temple all yellow before the outer layer was finished, putting angel Moroni on top etc. Oquirh Mountain Temple is the perfect name. The inside was beautiful in many ways and the spirit was so strong. The kids asked some great questions and had a neat experience. I had gotten tickets twice before this day but something came up both times (Rob's grandma passing, and something else) so we were glad to finally make it this time. What a blessing to look out our window and see 2 temples wow we are so lucky. Each of the kids had special things they liked about it, we wrote them in their journals and colored a picture when we got home. Such a neat experience with our kids we are so fortunate.

Our Eternal Family!

The kids by the fountain at the front of the temple!

The kids waiting to go inside

Megan just before the movie started.

Rob, Justin, Katie and Ryan waiting for the movie to start.

Katie by the temple!

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