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Monday, October 22, 2007

Apples, Apples, And yes more Apples!

October 2007- Ok so here is a part of what we did we actually went and picked about 4 more boxes of apples after I took this picture and so all I can say is I really don't want to peel another apple this year. (The people who let me pick their apples were all angels though so thanks to all of you. My parents live in a neighborhood where the majority of the people planted fruit trees and at one time or another they used their fruit, but today most of those same people are older and have no time, desire or abillity to put up fruit any more. I can't stand seeing all these beautiful apples just fall on the ground so I drove around for 3 days and nocked on doors and asked people if they wanted their apples. Most are so happy to see me and more than willing to give me all I want. They are just happy they don't have to keep picking them up off the ground and throwing them away, or hiring somone to come scoop them all up once they have all fallen on the ground and rotted. So the kids, my mom and I had a lot of fun picking apples at numerous homes. We definately had our fair share. One farmer told me he had 32 fruit trees and most of them were apples, he was delighted to give them to me. He said please take them we had such a great crop this year we have given them away, eaten and bottled some and are now even feeding them to the horses so please take all you want. I said I didn't have that many boxes, he said to fill them up and to feel free to come and get more. After picking all we wanted we had more than we needed and it didn't even look like we had been there. He even said to please remember him next year. (I definatelly will). I worked on apples for 5 days straight. Literally I would wake up feed the kids breakfast and start peeling apples I never went to bed before 2 and one night I was up until 4:30 and up again at 7. None the less I was tired and I felt bad because every day the kids would say what are we doing today mom, more apples? And sadly for that week the answer was yes. They were such troopers and amazing helpers though and that helped. Besides our storage room is glowing with apple sauce and apple juice and we couldn't be happier. Best of all the apples were all free, and nothing beats that. I will admit though I bottle a lot and of all the things I have bottled apples are the hardest and most time consuming because of all the steps. Good thing our family loves them or I wouldn't take the time. Here are some pictures of all my helpers. And best of all I got a new blender and a food processor out of it.

Rob peeling, blending & tasting. Of course.

Peeling some more.

My favorite picture, Justin peeling and eating the skins right off the peeler, he loved doing this and I was grateful for his help! He peeled several buckets of apples for me.

Justin and Katie scooping the apples into the food processor. We like our applesauce really smooth and so it took a little longer than it had too. We never thought we would see the end and what a relief to dump that last box of apples into the sink.

I'm done finally, here is out counter top full of applesauce and apple juice.

So when all was over we had 75 quarts of applesauce and 20 jars of apple juice (some quarts and some pints). The best part was putting it all downstairs on the shelves and it not fitting, we may need to buy another shelf. (That feels good). Thanks family for all your help and for the really boring week of apples. We sure are enjoying them now though.

Some of the apples we picked were green apples but pink on the inside. We all had the most fun peeling these and guessing if it would be green or pink on the inside. Katie thinks that the pink jars are hers since her favorite color is pink. Too bad we only had 3 jars of them. But it was still fun and they are sure yummy.

THE END, of the apples at least!

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