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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Birthday at Grandparents house!

Tonight we had Birthdays, here is Justin opening his presents. He got these K'nex just what he wanted. He loves these so much that in the middle of the night we saw the hall light on at 3 a.m. I got up to find Justin in the living room playing with them. I put him back to bed and again at 4:30 I found him doing the same thing. This time I had to put them up. After this experience I thought back to my own childhood and remembered how excited I would get the night before Christmas or my birthday and how magical it all was. Having kids helps bring that magic back and I love that about being a parent.

Next is Brandon, Shannon, Amy, & Justin blowing out the candles to celebrate all their Birthdays.

Grandma & Grandpa with the Birthday boy.

Like father like son. Rob got ready to go & I was in getting Justin ready when they both came out they were wearing the same clothes.

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Nannon said...

I love that pic of Rob and Justin, it's so fitting since Justin is a cookie cutter image of his dad.