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Friday, October 5, 2007

Justin's 5th Birthday Party!


Justin wanted a firetruck cake. I made this for him and he loved it. It took a ton of red food coloring to get this truck red too. I sure did have fun making this for him.

Justin wanted to go to the local firestation for his birthday. All of his friends met at the station and went on a tour. They all had such a great time. Here the fireman is all dressed in his gear and told the kids to hit his head to see how hard the helmet is and how it won't hurt him. They loved this and all 15 of them just started pounding him. The other firemen loved it too. They kept saying hit him harder, kick him check his boots.
Here the kids are practicing their stop, drop, and roll. Justin has been practicing this ever since the party. He thought this was so fun.
The Firemen let all the kids sit in the truck and would ask each of them where they drove the truck when they were done. I loved hearing all of the kids responses. Justin said he drove to the mountains and put out a fire there.
Katie taking her turn in the truck.

Here are all of us with the fireman. Back row: Fireman, Nicole, paige, Kaitlynn, Shaylie, Sharrissa, Lauren, Becha, Rob, Megan, Ashlyn, Jackson, Caleb, Riley, Aiden, Fireman. Front Row: Katie, Emma, Elsie, Kelsie, Justin, Alex, & Brinley (Jayden came late he thought the party was at 12 so he is not pictured). While at the firestation the chief was so great. They let all the kids hear the bell, and someone from dispatch called in on the intercom, she announced the station name and said she wanted to wish "Justin and all his friends a Happy Birthday and have a great party at the firestation today." All the kids loved that and felt so big. (The funniest thing rob and I noticed was that almost all of Justins friends are girls. There are hardly any kids his age that are boys, but that's ok he just loves playing with them all).

Here the kids are playing a game, they each have a balloon on their ankles and this is their fire. They want to put out everyone elses fire without letting their own fire go out. They had a lot of fun doing this.

Singing Happy Birthday to Justin. Then eating the cupcakes we made. They were singing so loud Justin at one time even put his hands over his ears, and just laughed.

So here are all the kids under blankets waiting for their parents. Unfortunaltely the weather didn't want to cooperate with us and so it was really really cold and we didn't want them to freeze. And if you look close they still have smiles on their faces, even in the cold.

A close look at the cake The front view.

The side view.

Justin with all of his presents. He got so many great toys and had such a great party. Thanks to everyone who came. You are one lucky little boy, you have so many great friends. We love you, and can't believe how quickly you are growing up.

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