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Sunday, September 30, 2007

What a haul!

September 2007- We love September & March caselot sales galore. it is during these times each year that we replenish our food storage. And better yet what great sales there are! I love a good deal, don't you? I always feel so great after a great shopping day. Too see my shelves full of food again it just makes us happy. A few weeks ago at church our Relief society president gave the lesson on food storage. One of the sisters made a comment that hit me really hard. "I have a new couch but I don't have a years supply of food, how will I feel if I need food and all I have to show for it is a nice couch to sit on, how will I tell my kids I can't feed you today because I took the money that I could have spent on food storage and spent it instead on my couch." For years I have wanted new couches, but I am much happier to say now that we are so close to having the more important things in life. Ever since that comment I don't care about my couches, first I want to get my food supply then I will worry about the other material things in life. Thanks for your comment you helped me realize that what I was doing is most important. We also bought 2 new shelves to put everything on and this is only the first load I had one more just as full. And this week I am picking up 5 50 lb bags of wheat. You know every time I think we are closer to having the food we need in storage we have another baby and it seems like we are starting over with another years supply we need to get for that child. But we know it's the thing to do so here we go again. I am so humbled by others and the things they teach me and help me realize. Otherwise in this society we live in about always keeping up with the Joneses so to speak it would be easy to forget the important things in life like my husband and 3 beautiful children, how horrible I would feel if we couldn't provide for them the basic things in life, like a meal. Line upon line is how it must happen and we still have more to go to reach our goal but we are trying and that is what is important. Next month we hope to get more water storage and I will be bottling like crazy. I'll keep you posted with pictures when it happens. Sorry about going on and on but sometimes I get something in my head and for some reason until I share it I can't stop thinking about it. Maybe someone else needs to hear it too or maybe I do. Anyway I will keep trying to help my storage grow and someday I hope I will come out ahead.


allison said...

Wow! I wish we had caselot sales here! Way to go....getting started isn't easy, and keeping up with it is a challenge, but you are right about the sense of satisfaction that comes with knowing you have been obedient to a commandment and are prepared. Just wondering...I saw your huge bag of sugar. How do you store it? How about brown sugar? We are done with water, wheat, rice, pasta, flour and dry milk. We still need beans and oats to have the basics for one year stored. I'm working on the three month storage right now....gotta love it! Email me your tips, or better yet, blog it for all to learn from!

Nick said...

Hi Allison I just wanted to respond to you. For sugar I just have large 5 gallon bucketts and dump the sugar in it there are things you can do to keep it for a really long time but I normally refill mine yearly since we go through it so fast. A great web site you can look at if you have any bottling questions is pickyourown.com I love this site if you have any questions you can email them and they will get back to you, they will tell you where local farms and markets are in your areas, how to store and bottle almost anything, it's just a great resource I use it all the time.