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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Justin's 5- Happy Birthday!

September 21, 2007
Today is Justin's 5th birthday, We decided to go to Liberty Park today and meet Rob for lunch and open all of Justin's presents.

Megan, Katie, & Justin eagerly waiting to see Justin open his presents!

A little surprised about this book he got!

I let Justin help me make his cake, then Daddy frosted it and Justin and Katie put Reeces Pieces on it together. Then Justin put his candles on. You look so cute and grown up. I can't believe you are 5 allready it seems like yesterday that you waved to the Dr., daddy and I in the hospital. Make a wish!

Justin blowing out his candles with his sisters watching so closely. Katie was so excited to have her turn to blow out the candles (In Robs family growing up they had the greatest tradition, all of the kids and parents had a turn to blow out the candles, since that way the candles get used to their full extent and everyone has fun blowing the candles out. Of course the birthday person get's to blow them out twice, I liked this so we do it too) and of course eat the cake. Happy Birthday buddy we love you.

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allison said...

Wow, can you believe your first borns are getting so old! Looks like he had a great birthday...I love celebrating the kids' birthdays. It's like a way for me to remember that day that they were born and how wanted and loved they were and realize I only love and want them more now!