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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

You've earned it!!

September 14, 2007

Justin and Katie have been working so hard all summer. Doing their chores, being obedient, helping mom, dad, or siblings. Basically anything mom or dad asked for them to do would earn them gumballs (stickers) for their gumball machines, and negative behavior would take them away. It worked so well and when it was full they were promised a fun outing with the family. Well they did it and so tomorrow we are taking them to the Children's museum at the Gateway. They really wanted to go there and are so excited. Last year they filled their jar to go to Disneyland. I'll have to come up with another idea for next years outing (feel free to send me ideas). Anyway we all had a great time and below are some photos of us at the museum. I'm not in any of the pictures since I am taking all of them.

Justin and Katie love to ride the train. So we decided to take the train to the museum for extra fun. Here they are waving to all the people while riding. They were so funny, they would sit and wave and say "hi people, we're riding the train."

Katie paddling the boat. While singing "row row boat, down stream."

I think this is one of Justin's favorite parts of the museum. They have all these building blocks and they can stack them haul them in wheelbarrows, slide them down the slide, raise them up with conveyor belts, etc. He was having so much fun and would spend hours in here.

Here is Justin and Rob in the little play store they have Justin is ringing up dads groceries. He looked and felt so big. He loved pushing all the buttons and hearing the sounds of a real store like; "Cleanup on isle 2, price check, & sale on all dairy today." Rob is having a good time too, anything to be a kid again!

Justin climbing the rock wall, he made it all the way across. I was really impressed with him, it was actually a lot harder than it looked.

Look mom we're on TV, and doing the weather. (Justin, Dad, & Katie). Rob has the disappearing cloth in his hand, it was pretty cool.

Rob with the three kids in the helicopter. This was by far the favorite part of the museum. They played and pretended and let their imaginations go wild. It was so fun to watch all of them.

This is air traffic control, come in.... there is an emergency situation at the park and I need immediate assistance there. Can you please go pick up a child that is hurt...please respond...(Rob was playing with all the kids in the helicopter and they were having so much fun).

Here are Justin and Katie building on the giant magnetic wall. Justin just kept wanting it to get bigger and bigger. And what satisfaction he felt when the ball made it all the way down his creation.

Last of all here they are in the theater acting out the 3 billy goats gruff. They were so funny. Justin was playing most of the parts since Katie didn't remember the story very well. She didn't seem to mind as long as she was having fun. I think she just loved the spotlight.

So after the museum we went to Costa Vidas for lunch and then took the train back to the car. Then we had fun driving around downtown showing the kids the temple, our old apartment, the U of U campus where we graduated and met, the church we went to and where Justin was blessed, where daddy works now and where he used to work. It was just fun driving around reminiscing about good times and remembering some wonderful places. The kids liked it too, they kept telling us they wanted to see something else and didn't want to go home yet. It was a pleasant day and a great way to celebrate all the kids hard work.

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