Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, September 6, 2007


1. Justin & Katie walking accross the street.

2- Picking up the paper to deliver.

3- Our candy reward!

September 2007- So if you have kids you are probably familiar with Clifford the Big Red dog. Well Justin and Katie were watching Clifford one day about 3 months ago and in the show the dogs discover that if they take all the peoples papers from the street to their porches the people would give them doggy treats. Well my creative kids decided to try this task out for themselves. And so they began to deliver all the papers to our neighbors. One of our neighbors accross the street would give them candy whenever they came. So my children can't wait every day to get out and take the paper to my neighbor for a treat. It is so cute & I have Clifford to thank for it! The only hard part is making my kids wait until 9:00 to go, otherwise our neighbors would have two kids in their jammies ringing the doorbell at 6:30 in the morning.

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