Happy Thanksgiving

Sunday, September 23, 2007


September 2007, The family all helped me pick peaches today. I saw some peach trees while driving around and made Rob pull over, I asked them if they wanted them and they said to take as many as I liked. Since they were all ready to eat and there was no way we could eat them all I put up peaches all day. I don't mind they were free, and Megan will love all the baby food.
All peeled and ready to cut up, my least favorite part is over.

Here I am with all the jars after. Yeah success.

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allison said...

You go girl! This was my only second year canning and I'm really starting to get addicted to peaches! We did twice as many as last year! I'm thinking I might venture into the pressure canning stuff....tomatoes, salsa, meats...have you done any of that????

You look so cute, by the way...just like I remember you in the MTC. And your home looks adorable. Now here we are more than 8 years later married with kids and such....it's crazy how time flies!