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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ahhhh Success......

Sep 3 2007 There is such a great feeling about having a garden. To go outside and pick your veggies, to bottle and freeze what you grow. I just love having a garden and though not as large as I would like there is just a sweet gratification about seeing your garden grow, and become all you hoped that it would. My kids love it too. They are often seen outside eating tomatoes, carrotts, and peas right from the garden. Justin loves to help me thin the beets, and Katie is so excited to see another "big cucumber or squash". It took a few green tomatoes being picked before Katie realized they were much better when they were red.

This is a photo of our family eating our reward last sunday dinner, I just had to document it because we are all so proud and happy to eat the yummy things we all work so hard to grow. "Even with all the weeding" Justin said it's worth it.

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Nannon said...

Fun...wish I could have come to dinner that day!