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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


September 25, 2007
Justin is loving playing soccer and I'll even brag a little for him. He is awesome! He really is a natural. His first game ever he made a goal! (Good job buddy), and every game since he has done just as well tonight in his game he made 2 goals, blocked 2 from the other team and had an assist for one of his teamates. We are so proud of you. And Rob told him that for every goal he makes he gets and ice cream and boy does he love that. Last week in his game he even let one of the kids on the other team score a goal. After when I asked him; Justin why didn't you block the ball he said "I know how fun it is to get a goal and I wanted that kid to know what that fealt like." Cute hugh, he is a great sport and wants everyone to just have fun and that is what makes it the most fun to watch. Then I had a little talk to him about the team with the most points wins and how usually we don't just let the other team score and he understood, he just wanted to do it that time. He is on the Tigers team (orange). Today he told me "mom I love soccer but I like t-ball too. I like them both for different reasons, but I'm having fun. Thanks for signing me up." I told him as long as he was having fun I didn't mind.


allison said...

I think he looks so much like you in that picture...mostly his smile! I agree that it is SO fun to watch the kids play. Dallin is also quite athletic and it has been a surprise to discover that and watch him be so good! What a sweet boy to let the other kids score....cute!

Nannon said...

Fun! I didn't know my lil' nephew was playing soccer. When are his games, I wanna come watch!