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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What we've been up too this summer!

September 5 2007 today I caught my kids watching the rain! I thought this was so cute they just stared for 15 minutes and laughed and wowed at it. Isn't nature amazing!

September 5 2007 Tonight before I put Megan to bed we played for a while and she was being so funny. I put these cups on her head and she would just start to giggle. I was quite amazed with her balancing ability.

August 2007- I caught this photo of Katie with grandpa playing the game where you put your hands one on top of the other. she was just laughing and grandpa was enjoying every minute of his time with his grandaughter. So adorable aren't they. (might I add that my parents yard looked wonderful for the wedding they hosted for my moms best friends son, great job)!

September 2007 a family photo with Rob's family. Cheese! We had a fun time celebrating labor day and the end of summer together. Robs dad is simply great on the bbq and the kids loved running around, playing in the sand, eating, and Rob played one of my favorite childhood games with all the kids "no bears are out tonight." We had a fire and sang songs and just talked. Thanks for a great party. And fun to have everyone together.

September 2 2007 Megan is such a happy baby. If you are willing to give her attention she will just laugh and laugh for you. I had her going today after church so much that all the pictures are a little fuzzy because she wouldn't stop wiggling. She is so fun and such a delight to be around. I just can't get enough of this baby girl. She is they type to just grin ear to ear for a simple hello when you walk by her. She is adorable and though only 5 months I think she knows it.

September 2007 Swinging kids! I just thought they looked so cute 4, 2, and 5 months all being kids and having a great time on the good old swing set! What a fun bunch, I sure love them. I only wished there was another swing for mom. They all made me want to swing too. (And honestly once Justin was done I took a swing too). Moms are allowed to be a kid again at times too right. That's one of my perks for taking care of kids all day I guess. (Truth is I love it). I was just telling Rob the other day how much fun I am having with our 3 amazing little ones. I am so lucky, Justin is just the best little helper a mom could ask for and does so much for me. He is the best big brother and his sisters adore him. He and Katie are truly best friends, and noone can get Megan laughing like Justin. You're great buddy. Katie is great too she hasn't ever hit the so called terrible twos...either I am the luckiest mom in the world, or she's waiting for the terrible 3's like her brother? I guess only time will tell but I will love and enjoy today and hope she just skipped that stage (I am crossing my fingers). Katie is just so adorable you can't help but fall in love with her. She even has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. The cutest thing about her is her voice, people who don't know her may think she is always whining but in reality that is just the way she talks, this high pitched cute voice. You can't help but give her what she wants and she is so polite. Katie is my little helper, she will empty the dishwasher without me even asking. She is so girl and all princess. And little Megan is just wonderful. No longer in the newborn stage (not that I don't love that) but she sleeps through the night and goes to bed by 9:30 she is a great baby and puts up with so much from her other siblings (they are great with her and just love to play and play with her). There is just something about a babies disposition and love that they are so close to the veil, when she tries to talk I know she is trying to tell me stories about things I would only marvel at. Basically I am so blessed! I couldn't be happier and more excited to be a mom and watch my kids grow and overcome so many challenges. Ok so now my life is going great and I couldn't be happier.

August 2007 Today the kids and I went with Rochelle and her kids to farm country. They had such a great time feeding and petting the animals. The kids loved to have the animals lick the corn right out of their hands. And Katie loves animals so she was delighted to see all the babies and their mommies. We had such a great time, we love Thanksgiving point.

August 2007 Katie at Farm country riding the pony. This was like the highlight of her day! Katie loves animals and I loved seeing her talk to the "neighs" when they stopped the pony's she was a little dissapointed it was over. She was saying "bye neighs" you are so cute!

August 2007 Justin riding the pony at farm country. I really wanted Justin to ride the pony next to his sister for a better photo opp, but he insisted on riding this horse. For some reason he really wanted the baby one. So say howdy to our little cowboy!

August 2007- Rob and the kids in the family bike race. Justin did such a great job riding without his training wheels since it has only been a few weeks. Not to mention that he had thrown up that morning but was certain that he felt much better now and wouldn't miss going to the bike race with dad. And katie just loves the ride in the bike carrier behind dad. We all got some new free helmets and had fun watching the road bikers race also. I think Rob can't wait to have a mountain biker companion, he's allready talking about when Justin gets better how he wants to get him a mountain bike and how fun it will be. Riding his bike without training wheels to Rob is like another dad watching his son hit his first home run. Way to go Justin Keep up the riding! I couldn't agree more!

August 18 2007 Katie and Justin getting ready to swim. They both love to swim! Justin especially loved the waterslide, everyone at the bottom could hear Justin laughing and giggling all the way down the slide, there was no secret he was coming. He would yell to me from the top each time and let me know he was coming down, but truth is you couldn't of missed him. Katie couldn't go in the big pool but she had just as much fun in the baby pool with her cousin, and going down the little slide on her tummy. We would have liked to have stayed longer but a big rainstorm came and they cleared the pool. This was at a cabin we went to with Nicole's family, it was a fun weekend!

August 18, 2007 Grandma & Grandpa with all the grandkids! Aren't they cute! What a beautiful view. At the cabin for some family fun.

August 18, 2007 The family, wow time flies. Shannon, Brandon, David, Mark, & Nicole with Dad and Mom in front!

August 18 2007 "Hey Katie is this corn Hand Chucked?" Just kidding she was such a great helper she and I got about 25 pieces of corn ready for our family dinner.

August 2007 -Today we came home and Justin had taken his training wheels off his bike (we had been trying to do this for months but he didn't like it so we kept putting them on) by himself. He was trying to ride his bike, so mom came out and held the back to help him, Justin told me to let go so I did and off he went. He was so excited it is all he wants to do now every chance he gets! Good job buddy we knew you could do it. If you can't tell he was sooo excited!

August 2007 Justin, Megan, & Katie one sunday just looked so darn cute I had to take their picture! I love you guys!

Megan Justin and Katie August 2007, another cute picture of three cute kids.

Beautiful Megan Augutst 2007 There's just something about a babies smile that lights up a room, I can't resist her cute little cheeks and that big grin. I love you kiddo!

August 2007 At the Zoo. What monkeys! Steph & kids, Amy & Ryker, Nicole & kids, & Grandma. What a fun day. We all love the zoo we had so much fun with grandma, lunch, and seeing all the animals. Justin amazed me he remembered the story about the polar bear eating someones glove and dying, and so many other stories from the past times we had been at the zoo. We also got to see the white albino crocodile SO COOL! The only disapointment was that when we went to take the train ride the track was broken and not running. If you know Justin you would also know that this broke his heart. He was so sad and kept asking when we would be coming back to ride it. Other than this we had a great day! Thanks grandma!

July 2007, This year our stake was one chosen to participate in the childrens youth parade for the pioneer days celebration. This is our family just before we walked in the parade with the stake. It was Hot but really fun. We have so many kids when they announced us we took up an entire city block (that's big if you know the down town blocks)! Afterwards we got popcicles and they had a huge carnival. My kids had a blast and wanted to know if they got to be in the parade again next time.

July 2007 Justin and Katie LOVE to play dress up it is a rare site to see them in there normal everyday clothes, and why would you when you can be Davey Crockett and Cinderella anyway?

July 2007 our "Cinderella with her Cinderella baby" She wanted to curl her hair just like "Rellas" doesn't she look adorable?

July 2007 Mom, Justin, Katie & Megan Visited Corduroy at the library! Afterwards we had to check out every Corduroy book we could find at the library and read them all that day when we got home. We even got a movie the next week. They both loved giving him hugs and Katie had a hard time waiting until it was our turn (since we were#11). She just stared at him and kept waving.

July 2007 this day was the silliest. We were in our house when Justin comes running in hysterical telling me that he just saw a SNAKE in our backyard. I could tell by his face he in fact was telling the truth. We went in the back and there was poor Katie standing in the garden frozen just crying and pointing to the fence. She was white like a ghost. I picked her up and she just said snake over there. Rob I must explain has a phobia of snakes like noone I have ever met. I recall 2 dates we went on while dating when we saw snakes and he jumped literally into my arms or on my back because he saw a snake. So Rob went and got on his winter snow boots and a shovel and started climbing the fence looking for this snake. (He kind of resembled spiderman climbing all over the fences trying not to touch the ground). I finally spotted it and eventually we had about 20 little kids in the neighborhood searching for this snake. Our next door neighbor eventually caught it and put it in this bucket and we let it go in a field nearby. We thought it was funny how many people were out staring at this little gardner snake. Mostly I think rob was just happy to have it out of the yard and I was happy to have it out of the flower beds, I don't know how I could go out and weed again as long as I knew it was there. It did take the kids a few days to go outside and play again, they both kept talking about the snakes and were a little afraid there may be another one. Needless to say mom has tried not to bring it up and I am hoping the whole thing is behind us. They are playing in the yard again so I think it has been successful.

July 2007 Justin, Kaitlyn, Gary, Elizabeth, Katie & Tyler getting ready for bed at Grandma/pas house. What cute kids we have! They all had a bit of a hard time going to sleep tonight, and can you blame them. It's just too fun to be with cousins. We kept hearing them giggling, singing, and talking. We are just so happy and greatful they all play well together and get along really well. We go play with cousins about once a week at the library and then go to the park or to one of our houses to play and have lunch. My kids love it and before they figured out the days of the week sometimes they asked every day "are we playing with cousins today" it was so cute.

July 2007 Camping at camperworld in Coalville. Rob, Justin & Katie roasting marshmellows and having smores. So much fun! I love campfires and the great outdoors and so does our family I think we went camping every other weekend this year and loved it so much. Justin is such a pi rho, he loves fire about as much as I do (scarry). I was one of 2 other girls in sorrority that was given one of the ever cherished Pi Rho hats (fraternity). I would blow fire with my friend Shannon and so I think we earned them. Anyway needless to say Justin really loves to put sticks in the fire, throw things in it, cook on it, basically do anything he can if fire is involved. Rob says it's a boy thing, I'm not so sure. I still think he's my little Pi Rho!

July 2007- Howdy!!! Justin and Katie at Wheeler Farm with mom and Megan. We went into the store there and they put these on, they looked so cute I had to take a picture.

4th of July! We had a party with Grandma, Grandpa and uncle Brandon. This was a great shot of Justin doing sparkelrs I just loved this picture because he is having so much fun just being a kid and celebrating! Look at that smile...Giggle bug! I love this great country and I am so lucky to be in a place of freedom. Just a plug to everyone who is, has, and will, fight for the freedoms so many take for granted. I know I am proud of where we live.

July 2007 This is Justin at the neighborhood splash pad by our house. He and Katie have such a great time playing here! He looks a little cold here but he was really having a blast. My favorite thing is after they get wet they go lay on the cement to warm up. I so remember doing that as a kid and remember how much I loved that feeling.

July 7th 2007- YeeHaw!! Katie at the Rodeo by my parents cabin! She was so dang cute I had more people ask me if she was in pictures. She kept talking to all the horses (and she really believed they could hear her "Hi Neighs"). She would waive at them and say hi to them as they came out and cheered and clapped harder than anyone there!

June 2007- In our family we have a tradition of going to the Big Rock Candy Mountain whenever we visit Robs grandparents, since they live nearby. This is the place where the little people come out at night and turn the rocks into rock candy and lemonade. The kids both collected chocolate rocks and put them in the bins to help the little people. We sing the song and buy rock candy and the kids love it. Justin really gets into it and talks about this for days. We have a hard time getting him to get back in the car, I think he would stay for hours if he could.

June 2007- Visiting great grandma and grandpa! They are so good to us and the kids love coming to visit them. They took us to dinner at this really cute cafe, and then we had a great time visiting and talking to them. Whenever we visit we always have such great conversations and get to know them and all they have been through in their lives. Thanks for the stories, we love you both so much.

June 2007 -How can you resist 2 adorable kids in their jammies. They are best friends and we love watching them play together.

Nicole with her three great kids. Thanks for being so wonderful. I love being a mom!

June 2007, we both just finished the 1 mile and 5k. Nicole took 2nd and Rob did great too. We love it. And boy it felt good to run again after having the baby.

June 2007- Mount Pleasant Camping. I think we wore out little Katie, yet I think she has the best seat there was. We were on the quest to find 27 little carvings around the campground to get a free ice cream cone. Katie tuckered out a little early, but Justin was a trooper and we found all of them. The Lady in charge was so cute and gave the kids huge ice cream cones. Rob and I bought one too. Needless to say this was so fun, camping, swimming, crafts, walks, playing at the park, getting down and dirty, and just relaxing. We all had a wonderful time.

June 2007- Happy fathers Day daddy.
Katie and Dad! They have so much fun together. I love these two. Katie loves hanging with him and Katie can't seem to get enough of daddy. I loved this shot of them, just hanging out by the pond talking.

June 2007- Grandpa with Megan!

May 2007- Justin Graduated from preschool. Way to go buddy we are so proud of you. This was his 2nd year in preschool and he grew so much. It was so fun to watch him learn and I loved their little graduation hats. He and his 4 other friends all looked so cute and did a great job singing. He got the cutest little diploma and looked so grown up. Great job Justin, keep up the great work, most of his friends head to Kindergarten but I must be the luckiest mom around because I get to have him for another year and I can honestly say I couldn't be happier. I look forward to another great year together kiddo, I am in no way ready for you to leave for school yet.

Today Megan was blessed. June 2007. I love my kids blessings they always remind me of how lucky I am to have been a part of another one of Heavenly Fathers miracles. It touches me to think how another little person was placed in my care! We love you so much allready Megan, and are delighted to watch you grow and reach so many of your dreams. I hope we can help them all come true. By you being here alone has allready answerd one of mine. Thanks for being such a great baby. Your brother and sister adore you so much and I know they are just waiting for the day when they can play with you and enjoy you in a different way. The blessing was perfect and you were blessed with so many wonderful things. I know all of them can be obtained if you follow the gospel. You are a sweetheart and we sure adore you little one!

In June we went camping and to the Manti Pageant. The kids actually stayed awake for almost all of it and it was a wonderful teaching experience for our family. Justin kept saying I know this story... and was in ahhh. It felt so great to hear that FHE, primary, scripture readings, and learning experiences are going somewhere. He really gets it and is so smart. His little testimony may not be so small afterall. I think he has such a big heart and he knows that what he feels is true because he tells me so. Katie thought the fire was cool and loved Angel Moroni on top of the temple. They both liked when Jesus came and visited the people and all the angels at the end. Honestly we had a great time and the kids really impressed us. This is one trip that we will most likely be repeating in years to come.

May 2007 My wonderful friend Rochelle and her family invited me and the kids to a Bees game with them. We all had a great time and they loved the bee. Katie kept talking about the bee for days after and how he danced and gave her a hug. We didn't stay for the whole thing but they sure did have a good time.

May 2007 Justin is so fun. He has built himself a computer like his daddy. I thought he was so creative to come up with this on his own. I also love the phone to the side for all his "important" calls! I recall one day when he came upstairs and I was busy doing something, after about 10 minutes he said "well I guess I'll go back downstairs and study my break is over" he was really frustrated that we had wasted his 10 minute break and not done something. Rob is currently studying and occasionally when he has a break he'll come upstairs and play with the kids until his watch goes off. Then he'll go back downstairs and study some more. Apperantely Justin has picked this up and he was playing "studying" today.

April 13, 2007 Happy 30th Birthday Rob! We love you daddy! Just a little plug for my cute Hubby, you are a wonderful dad and a great husband. Thanks for all you do for us, I appreciate it so much. Rob is one of the hardest workers I know, he puts in his all to everything, work, church callings, home, and family. I don't know how you do it all but somehow he does. I think he has a time machine hiding somewhere because he constantly amazes me. I love you!

4-15-07 Happy 2nd Birthday Katie! She wanted a bunny cake and a Cinderella dress and she got her wish! What a little princess. I love this picture I can just see the innocence in her eyes. And she LOVES cake, so I think she was just really excited to blow out that candle so she could eat some since she had waited so patiently all day watching mommy make it. And she sure did enduldge herself. The best part was after she finished most of her cake I went to get her out and she had fallen asleep in the high chair, I guess we had worn her out that day. She was so happy to get her new Rella dress and doll, shopping cart, baby doll swing, bouncy chair, and a ton of new dressed and clothes. She was one lucky little girl. We love you cutie.

April 2007 Justin wanted to play t-ball this summer, he was on the Sand Gnats team. He did really well for his first year and we were really proud of him. Great job. It was so fun to see all 12 kids chase the ball when it was hit and tackle each other one on top of the other to get the ball at the first of the year we couldn't tell if they were playing t-ball or football. Eventually they figured it out and got the hang of it and they ran the bases the right way, took turns getting the balls, and enjoyed being last so they could run all the bases and get a home run! My favorite thing was watching Justin dance while on base waiting to run again. You silly boy!

March 13, 2007 The birth of our 3rd child Megan, she had lots of beautiful dark hair and was a perfect little angel. What another beautiful baby! There are some days I will never forget, the days my children are born are definately on the top of my list. Megan was not scheduled to come for another week and a day but apperantly she had other plans. Although I wasn't quite ready for her I was in no way about to wait. After being in labor all night I was happy to have her here. I thought the one good thing about having to have your babies c section was that you at least got to schedule and plan when you wanted to have the baby, but we obviously planned poorly. She was 6 pounds 8 ounces our smallest baby yet, and 21 inches long. Megan developed Jaundice just like the previous 2 and was on the lights in the hospital but didn't need them after. We were grateful for that. She was a great sleeper from the start. We love you!


Nannon said...

I love it Nick. I don't think I've seen the majority of those pictures. Looks like a great summer! Tell the kids I luv em.

Nannon said...

I love it Nick. I don't think I've seen the majority of those pictures. Looks like a great summer! Tell the kids I luv em.