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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dancin Girl!!

September 24, 2008
Today was Katie's first day of dance ever. I was a little nervous how she would do in an actual studio with a teacher, since she loves to dance around our house but never anything official! She was so great and really loved it. All I can say is that little 3 year olds are adorable to watch dance! And she goes to my neighbors studio who is so cute with the kids too. She is in a ballet/tap class and is doing so great!

I love this shot, she is doing a turn and looks so sweet!


Dancing accross the floor! T-O (arms out T) (turn on O)!

Katie doing her trick for the crowd...a somersault.. I guess she thinks gymnastics and dance are all inclusive?

Leaps! Tiffany has so many cute ideas here they are leaping over the doll but without hitting her leg and making her fall down. It was so cute.

She has the kids lay down and pretend to be asleep then she taps them on the back with a wand then that person taps another child. It was so cute and the kids love it.

Here they are in their tap shoes practicing their dance for the recital. It was so adorable!!!!

Katie posing for me in her cute outfit!

Good luck Katie and keep dancing!


Anonymous said...

So cute, Nic. What a fun class to watch. Little girls are the best!

Nannon said...

CUTERS KATIE! Nic, is that my old leotard she's wearing? It's strangely familiar! :) She looks great and I LOVE the pink skirt. I'm betting that came from Aunt Alicia?

Nicole said...

Hi Shan, actually they are all new I bought them, but now that you say that they do look like the ones we wore in stars don't they!

RLRP said...

That is so cute. My daughter is begging me for dance classes and I haven't put in the energy into finding a class for her yet. Now I'm a little more motivated!

Becky said...

Sooo cute. Don't you just love it there?!?