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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Someone's up a Tree?

October 2008
Today Katie came in and said mommy, mommy, Justin climbed our tree. I went out front and there was my son at the top of our tree! The best part was he had a leash hooked onto his pants so as he said "that way if I fall mom it would catch me like the ropes at the rock climbing wall do". So sorry to break your heart but it isn't attatched to anything and it would come crashing down with you. Funny how kids think. Anyway here are some pics of him in our tree.
If you look close there is a dark blob kind of at the top left. That's him!


Christenson Family said...

Nicole, What a cute family you have!! I love all your pictures and notes.... the whole blogging world is great. Justin in the tree is so funny thinking the dog leash is a safety strap. Oh to be that innocent!!! Thanks for sharing!

Brooke said...

That is too funny! What a little monkey!

Joy and Jeff said...

I posted a comment on your post from last year about "Gracious George" but I wasn't sure if you would see it. I hope you don't mind me adding a random comment here.

Our primary presidency has been searching for the story about "Gracious George" for a few days now, and I was wondering if you would be so kind as to email me the story if you still have it. We wanted to do this for an upcoming primary activity! My name is Joy and my email address is joy_p@yahoo.com

Thanks! And cute blog, by the way!


That is funny! Very smart to think of using the leash even though it wouldn't have helped. That crazy boy!