Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy 8 Years Rob!

October 4 2008
Happy 8 years Rob. My cute, adorable, amazing, hard working, intelligent, loving, sweet, never stopping, honorable, determined, happy, courageous, terrific, fun, outgoing, etc etc.....husband. I can't believe how fast the last eight years have gone. We have had some wonderful times together and it's amazing how much more I love him every day. Rob is so devoted to me and our family and works so hard for all of us. I am so proud and happy he is part of my life. I look forward to so many more amazing years (eternity) together! Amazing where we have come in the last eight years. Bachelor degrees, Grad School, 2 accounting firms, 3 kids, 2 appartments, 2 homes, and so many fun trips and good times together. Just imagine what more we will do!!! I am so excited for our future together. Thanks Rob, I love you! best of all we had a sitter (Robs parents thanks for watching the kiddos) and went to dinner and a movie Indiana Jones . (It feels like forever that the two of us have been on a date together and especially a movie, which was really good too and only a dollar each score)! Happy Anniversary Rob, thanks for a fun night out!

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Robert said...

Happy 8 years too. I love you too.