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Friday, September 18, 2009

Butterfield Farm preschool fieldtrip!

September 11, 2009
Today for preschool we took all the kids to the farm near us. They had a lot of fun. Unfortunately not too many of the animals wanted to be seen but the still had a great time.

Justin and Katie in front of the farm sign. Justin was off track so he enjoyed coming too.
All the kids in front of the buffalo's.

Saige, Megan and Madeline hanging out!

love this shot of the kids climbing the fence!

We saw a Barn Owl! Justin spotted it but it was really cool to watch. We also saw sheep, lamas, cows, and horses.

After the farm we went to our neighbors house and looked at there chickens.

Here are the kids looking at one of the new eggs in the pen. It was still warm and really neat. The kids had a fun day at the farm and learning all about farm animals today!

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