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Thursday, September 3, 2009

This is the place....

August 21, 2009

Every year my mom takes all her grandchildren to the zoo. But this year she decided to try This is the Place monument instead. The kids being in school made us get there a little late but we still had a great time! This is such a cute little place and they really do have some fun activities and crafts for all the kids to do! We started on the pony rides since they closed first. Here are some of the pictures of our fun day!

Justin riding
the pony!

Katie on
the pony!

Megan was so excited to ride this horse she just thought it was the neatest thing ever!

Here are some of the kids watching the blacksmith work and tell them how to build things.

In school all day and then they sit right down again. They have a teacher in the school who teaches them a new language the saints used when they were in school it was really creative and kind of cool. Here they are practicing what they learned.

Here are Katie, Megan and my sister riding the Big train. It was hot so this was a nice treat!

Justin with some of his cousins on the big train. So much fun.

Me with my kids on the little train. Great picture op!

Me and Ryan on the train! Also my sister in law and her daughter.

Justin on the little train. He thought this was so cool!

A bunch of us on the little train. So much fun!

One of the little crafts the have there is the leather shop. Here a guy showed them how to use a whip which was really cool. Then they all got their own pieces of leather and got to pound them with different designs. They were really neat and the kids had a lot of fun pounding their leather! Above is Justin and his cousin Ashlyn.

Katie and Megan pounding the leather.

Grandma with all the grandchildren in front of this cute house! Brinley, Ashlyn, Payton, Justin, Grandma, Megan, Ryker, Jackson, Ryan, Breckin, and Katie!

While walking around to see all the houses the kids spotted some geese and some ducks, well they immediately started to chase them and had a great time!

I saw this cute house with the steps and lined up the grandchildren for a fun picture. I guess it's only some of them.

Three of my four cuties!

Smile Megan!!

Some of the grandchildren in front of this eagle! Katie, Jackson, Brinley, Ryker, Megan, Ashlyn, and Justin

Justin with the eagle gate behind him.

Megan with her cousin Ryker. They were being so cute with this statue, talking to the pioneer, giving her hugs etc. It was really cute!

Justin thought this was such a cook statue he practically begged me to take this picture of him with it. I think he liked the big gun. Very cool!

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