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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ward Campout

August 28-29, 2009
This weekend we went to our wards camp out here are some of the fun pictures of our good times! We always have such a great time up here!

Madeline and Megan playing. Notice how dirty Megan is and we had only been there 10 min. or less.
Madeline and Megan sitting in chairs by the fire. They are so cute together.

Justin with his friend Kelsie.

Megan Eating marshmallows! Yum hugh! Sticky too!

Justin looks like he is in the army. He was soooo dirty but he sure did have fun!

Nicole and Ryan. I am making Brats for all of us for dinner. There is nothing like a brat on a campfire. Yum.

Katie roasting marshmallow's. I think I caught her with her mouth full.

A bunch of the kids by the fire. Kate, Megan, and Madeline. They were having so much fun. The little trio!

Breakfast! What a cute bunch of kids. They are all such good friends and it is so fun watching all of them together.

Katie and Brooklynn I think they are showing me the dirt on their elbows.

Nicole and Megan on the zip line. This was so much fun. She wanted to go on this so bad but was a little to scared to go by herself. So we went together. It wasn't until after the fact that they told us we couldn't do this. Sorry. It was fun though.

Katie and Brooklynn waiting to go on the zip line. They were so excited to do this again!!

Katie just before going on the zip line.

Here she goes... when Katie got on the platform she was a little scared we had to have Brother Shipley running the zip line push her off. Once he did that she had fun.

Rob on the zip line. Good times!

Justin just before going up on the platform. He is so excited can you tell!

Still smiling! I think he's ready!

Off he goes.

Weeeeeee! He wished he could go again. But there are still a lot of people that need to go. Next year!

Ryan in the tent. He had a good time too.

The 2 silly girls, Katie and Brooklynn. They were such good helpers, they went around and cleaned up all the garbage around camp for us.


The Dunham Family said...

I wish our ward still did camp outs. Those were some great memories growing up. Lucky you.

We have some friends moving out to Herriman. We could never find a place that seemed to fit our fam. So we are still here....cramped.

Maybe one time we will run into each other at the cabin.

luann said...

There is nothing like a ward campout! So much fun and everyone gets sooo dirty! Awesome that they had a zipline! They are too much fun!

Sparverius said...

The kids look like they had tons of fun getting as dirty as possible. :)