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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Good times in preschool!

August 2009
The kids have been having such a fun time in preschool. I took some fun pictures of them while at my house. Here they are.

Ok so this week we were being really silly. You never would have thought that a popcorn popper would be SO exciting! Megan was the best to watch she was so excited to see those kernels start coming out. The kids were screaming as they watched them pop out!

Here the kids are painting on colored paper using bleach. It's really cool it changes colors.

Painting with tempera paints and shaving creams. They loved to feel the squishy mess in their hands and to see all the colors blend together. It was a mess but it was FUN so we didn't care!

Katie and her messy hands!

Here are all the kids blowing bubbles they could have done this for hours. They had so much fun and I loved watching all the bubbles spill over and grow and grow!

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