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Monday, January 3, 2011

Katie & Megan's dance recital!

Dec. 11, 2010
Today was the girls dance recital they have had so much fun doing dance together this year. They danced to Roley poly the polar bear this year and they looked so great. Megan could hardly wait...she kept asking me "mommy, when do I get to go up on the stage"? They both did a great job and they were so cute. They are in a ballet/tap class and look so forward to it every week!

Katie and Megan
The girls on stage dancing. Katie is the 3rd from right and Megan is 2nd from right. I told them to stand together so I could film them better.

Again Katie 3rd from right and Megan 2nd from right.

Megan and Katie after. They got these cute necklaces. Santa came and helped hand them out they thought this was so cool.

Megan, Katie, Ashlyn, and Brinley. Their cousins dance at Tiffany's too so here are all 4 of them after. We were glad they were all in the same show! Good job girls you all looked and did great!

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