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Monday, January 3, 2011

Our hard little worker!

November 23, 2010
Katie was chosen this year as the visual Arts winner in her school for reflections in her age group. Here are some pics of her with the trophy she got and her project at the assembly they had with the entire school! She worked really hard on this and really deserved it. We were so proud of her. Good luck Katie at district!

Katie with her trophy!

Katie with her trophy and certificate, and her wax picture she did!

A cute picture of Ryan. I just threw this in because it was so cute of him! He is growing up so fast and starting to talk and just be so adorable! If I could freeze him in time now would be the time! I love this age and I would love it if he stayed this age forever (except for not being potty trained he is near perfect to me)! He does everything I say, rarely has tantrums, learning to talk, still loves to be cuddled and loved, just look at him what can I say he's adorable!

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Shannon said...

Yippee for Katie, she is so smart. And that is a really great picture of Ryan!