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Monday, January 3, 2011

The live Nativity!

Dec. 2, 2010
Tonight I took the kids to go and see the live nativity in my brother and sister in laws stake. I had heard how amazing it is but never been. Rob had to work late but it wasn't a super cold night so off we went. I went with Rochelle and her family so my kids thought that was really fun. Below are some of the pictures. This was such an amazing way to start off our Christmas holiday. It really brought the true meaning of Christmas into our home and helped the kids get a live interpretation of a miraculous event. I think it's a tradition we will definitely continue.
Ryan and Megan! They were all so patient since we had a really long wait to see everything!

Kelsie and Katie waiting in line!

Justin loved playing in the fire pits along the way a true pi-rho!

Madeline and Megan

Megan Katie and Brooklynn

Justin feeding the camels. They had all kinds of fun animals. Sheep, donkeys, goats, camels, llamas, etc. the kids loved petting and seeing them all!

Mom and kids dad was at work so we went with our friends!

Paying our taxes!

Seeing baby Jesus and the city of Bethlehem. This was such a neat experience I really think it brought the story to life for the kids they always hear the story but this was a way for them to really live it. It was so neat. Worth the wait!

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