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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

visiting Ogden!

December 2010
Every year we take the kids up to Ogden to see the lights and all the Christmas houses. The kids have such a great time. We go to dinner first, then visit Santa, and walk around and see all the houses and lights. Below are some of the pictures of us while there.
Our family!

Katie and Megan by one of the house villages.

The kids with Santa. The kids were really cute but Santa did throw me off a little he would ask them what they would like and then say "anything else" (I just sat there thinking isn't that enough Santa)?" So we had a few surprises but they were all really cute with him.

Megan and Katie by the Ogden sign.

The kids were running ahead of us and pretending to be trees. They would hold really still then when we got close to them they would run ahead laughing. They were really cute.

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