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Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh so exciting news... It's a.....?


Sorry Just kidding. Cute ultrasound pictures though hugh! I love the bottom right one where baby was yawning!

This is our tie breaker so it really didn't matter to us. This morning before we left Megan said mom I think it's a boy or a girl. Glad we have done something right, only 2 options. Katie wanted girl but thought it was a boy, Justin said he would like a boy but would be fine if girl too. Ryan really has no idea what's going on, except that he isn't fitting on moms lap quite like he used to. So the results are in and...I know the waiting is killing some of you....so it's a Girl! We are all so excited and couldn't be happier, she looks perfect and apparently we needed some more emotions and estrogen in the house! Can't wait till March for this little one to come join us! She is a very active baby in there never stopped moving!

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jefferies said...

Congrats Nicole!! Wow...how nice would THAT be to not care which gender you're having... :-)
Can't wait for another Ditto baby girl!